SustainabilityX®’s #DecadeOfAction Interview Campaign

SustainabilityX®’s #DecadeOfAction Interview Campaign

There is no point in constructing a vehicle of change only to realize there is no one to drive it forward

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We have no choice — here’s why

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But where are the women?

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SustainabilityX™’s #DecadeOfAction Interview Campaign

Collaboration & An Interdisciplinary Approach To Build Back Better Post-COVID-19

Sustainable development is both about environmental and social rights. We need holistic policies that address both aspects.


SustainabilityX™ stands in solidarity with black communities in the fight against systemic racism, police brutality, and white supremacy.

My feedback for planning for a green recovery post-COVID-19

Photo CC: Greenpeace Canada

SustainabilityX™’s #DecadeOfAction Interview Campaign

Supriya Verma

🇨🇦Canada’s Top 30 Under 30 #Sustainability Leadership. Global Citizen. Social Entrepreneur. Founder SustainabilityX™. Sign Up #SDG11 #SDG12

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