Is there any difference in them or are they same or are they different aspects?

95% people see problems, 4% solutions & only 1% resolution. Simply because they do not understand themselves.

Can the answer really be so simple?


People who are stressed & locked with fears see problems, people who want to move ahead will try to find solutions for their problems, RESOLUTION whoever follows will bring inner wisdom.


Because problems & solutions revolve around ISSUES, issues are man-made & created by wants & desires. On the other hand resolutions overlook the issue and see where the conflict lies & try to overcome them, this understanding arises only from knowing ourselves & our needs, it’s having a different perspective, what usually is called the third angle or view.

Any conflict always begins from inner YOU.

Working this way not only do you find determination; but helps you to keep your balance in any challenge or adverse situation. This covers all circumstances in life.


By a simple understanding that most situations can be changed, but some cannot. You are not here to change the world, you are here to change yourselves, to become better & to evolve, more towards humanity & walk your true destiny. We all are born with a purpose, to find it and understand the purpose, is called RESOLUTION.

Acceptance & awareness, together build the bridge on which a person can walk towards his/her own life & live a life full of purpose, without hurting others or own self. Resolving the conflicts within; will help you to access the wholesome resources that you have within your mind, you will become RESOURCEFUL & creativity will out flow in ABUNDANCE.

Resourcefulness will make you tolerant & teach patience. You will develop your own inner qualities. When you develop this qualities & remain true to your own aspirations, your inspiration will enfold to a higher magnitude, taking you from an individual towards the process/progress of individuation, a beautiful person to a beautiful human being.

As BUDDHA says “ if you can do something to change the circumstances, why be upset about it, if you cannot do anything to change the circumstances, why be upset about it.”

SO WHAT DO YOU CHOOSE — 95% — 4% — 1%?

All depends on us & our choices, choose wisely.

Be blessed stay blessed