Every person before commencing on their journey of spirituality is struck with this qs, which sets the person on the quest to be a seeker.

Usually whenever we are asked the above qs; we have ready answers: like i am so & so, name, parents, caste, siblings, work etc. This is called personal identification, which your physical consciousness (mind) gives to you to have an identification; in this 3 dimensional world.

Does that mean that those who are struck with this qs are struck with Amnesia or Alzheimer? NO.
The identification for that person no longer works, it is called “inner calling”. The Quest to seek the self that is, one with divine. We each of us have WITHIN. Some seek some ignore, but the calling can arise at any given time/age in our life. To seek you neither need to be retired or old.

The assumption in the social environment, that if a person seeks or starts seeking will be lost to us; is based on there fears, which are steeped into ignorance & who recognize GOD only as an idol, to be seeked in temples & holy places.

Seeking your SELF does not mean you have to be single, or not get married or not have children or give up on your family or work, those who think like that, are people with limited perception. There are “no conditions” apply on this journey. You can & be all of above & yet seek the divinity within yourself. For seeking yourself; you don’t need permission, just seek.

This confusion arises between the seeker and the society, becoz of lack of understanding and a MIND filled with ignorance & fears.

The TRUTH is there is nowhere to go; hence this journey is called transformation and not migration.

To have a better tomorrow you need to have a better today. To have peace, joy, courage, abundance, you need to enter IN. None of the remedies are found outside. That’s what a seeker does he/she seeks themselves within themself, for SELF.

Its a path of INDIVIDUATION which begins on point of individuality, for each of us. Individuation is a process towards ONENESS, where over a period a person becomes a seer from a seeker. Individuality is a process which is stepped into duality & after sometime fails to sustain us. Sustenance comes from our innerself, substance comes from the outside world.

I AM……. this two words are crucial, what you put after that, is what you ARE.

Seeker — WHO AM I?

No-thing; is the name given to universal energy or to explain in simple terms electricity. It refers to THAT IS.

THAT IS = I am energy/electricity, but more superior which cannot be swicthed off.
I AM that which is eternally ON.

So seek & you shall find. Don’t let any dogma create a hurdle around you. Its your life, your journey, your SELF.

LET GO & move on….
……….ON too better THINGS.

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