A purpose mobilizes people — that money alone never will. And in last 50 days over 100+ career guides and counsellors came together for 40 Hrs from different time zones ( India , Dubai , Srilanka , AbuDhabi , Qatar , Australia , Japan ) on video to learn and share and exchange vast amount of knowledge with a promise of extending support to each other.

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Super Thrilled to announce a new Cohort and a new Course — this time to reap best of #LockDown and #StayingHome — Certification Course for Guiding Graduates & Working Professionals — Exclusive 4 Days live session (On Zoom) will be held from 21st May to 24th May. Learn to guide School Students, College Students & Working Professionals and most importantly understand how COVID-19 has changed the way WORLD OF WORK was perceived.

So there is no more an excuse for not Upskilling … :) The curriculum agenda below:

– Need of Career Counselling In Post Covid-19 Era

– Need of Career Counselling for Working…

When I ideated CareerGuide, I thought about various aspects of the business — the technology, the program modules, the courses, the revenue model. But definitely not about the kind of impact this platform has had on students and thereby parents.

I have always said no to many business models around career guidance which could have been quick — easy money …but then I was never sure …will career guidance ever be built? And hence always decided to step back and build this complex piece on which all other layers & models can be built.

We do receive numerous thank you emails but this one was so important to be shared …from a father for his son ..to …

I was on an eye rest from the past eight days. Had undergone a Lasik surgery to get rid of my pals of years — my spectacles.

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The surgery meant no laptop, no mobile, and no exposure to sun. Being indoors and not being glued to screens gave me an opportunity to turn to audiobooks and podcasts, and of course meditation. And in between my monk-like life, I found myself restless wanting to get back to work and check on CareerGuide.com

I realized I enjoy what I do and didn’t see it as work. Even on the day off, I feel more relaxed if I end up spending a few hours of work. It was probably this period of 8 days of home-arrest, I realized that I want to build CareerGuide for the next few decades. I feel passionate about the idea even after years. I do think I was much ahead in talking about career counseling and MeraCareerGuide (Later Pivoted as CareerGuide) and the next few years, statistically speaking, is more relevant for it.

I have been meeting a few startups as part of Start A Startup Program Stirring Minds run. The common observation I had and which disturbed me was considering starting up a shortcut to make money.

Whereas its quite reverse — Startups is like working for few years of life like donkeys in anticipation of next few years to be rosy.

Here’s something to consider :

1. No one will fund your business on a presentation. We might have heard stories about it but let’s be clear about the people who get funded on presentation are ones who have already sold companies earlier or have a strong background of career success. …

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We’ve changed our name from MeraCareerGuide.Com to CareerGuide.Com The change is up and live.

Why The Name Change ?

The deep reason is that we are a more confident company than we were when we started. We’ve kept our original mission — to help provide access to every student on career information — but we’ve pivoted from our initial product idea.

Despite the domain name careerguide.com was expensive for our lean budget (6 digit figure is definitely not cheap!), we went ahead with it as it reflects young India’s aspiration and also our ambition.

The name possibly will give us an accessibility to tap into user segments where Hinglish is ‘Not Common’ or not ‘Super…

My experience & Learning with Fund Raising of MeraCareerGuide

In past, I have been writing blog posts on women entrepreneurship , starting up, and Edtech but this post is a detailed account of raising funds for MeraCareerGuide in 2012.

Over the year, I’ve learnt a ton from writings of seasoned founders and entrepreneurs and this is my bit to add to growing ecosystem.

As you can see our funds raised then has carried us a long way and we’ ve been reinvesting all the money we’ve made back into growing the company. We’ ve invested all our time in growing the product and the category. …


Surabhi Dewra

Bitsian - Entrepreneur - Edtech - Strong Willed

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