For those of you who have recently lost a loved one, the intensity of your pain may be indescribable, unlike anything you have ever experienced before. You never truly get over this loss, but you evolve from it. At such a time, condolences matter little, empathy does.

I remember, it was somewhere in mid of November 2012, the day when I had outstandingly cleared one of my important exams. Three years had passed since the sad demise of my grandfather.

At that time, a feeling of accomplishment with an unexplained emptiness got hold over me. And it resulted in this small poem. I find it my most beautiful creation.

Just found it worth sharing. Hope it comforts you a bit as well. It goes like this…

Today as I sit down
 To savour on my little success
 a gush of memories
 Caused my ship to sail
 My ship was floated to an island
 Anchored at my childhood days
 I relived each day
 I gulped down every drop
 Tears rolled down
 As I moaned
 Why is he not here today
 To bless my success, to gaff my sail
 My soul abraded
 As it sailed
 And came there another thought
 How could he leave us all
 I remonstrated with God
 But, all in vain
 For three years have passed away
 Each morning I begin with a prayer
 If it was all a nightmare
 But God pinched me every time
 And said
 Not at all my dear
 Then abruptly came high winds
 A cyclone indeed
 I knew no escape
 I had no means
 As the winds inundated
 My heart gave away
 All ruptured, my brain
 Then happened a surreal thing
 An invisible hand steered my ship
 Back to the island again
 All safe, All in place
 No injury, Only recovery
 And then it struck to me
 Three years have passed away
 But not even once my ship was wrecked
 Not even once has it been sabotaged
 For here he is
 Right now with me
 He is my grandfather,
 The sailor maneuvering my ship.