SuredBits API — NBA Players and Statistics

Today, we’re releasing an update to the free API that introduces NBA statistics. You’ll be able to search player stats by their playerID and a given year.

***Currently, it’s only possible to query stats for the 2015–16 and 2016–17 seasons.***

The API returns basic aggregated totals for each type of statistic (i.e. total points scored all year).

New to the API?

If you’re new to the API, check out the documentation and tinker around.

The API is completely free — there’s no sign-up, or downloading. Just a simple URL request.

Follow us on Twitter to stay up-to-date. Let us know if there’s any issues, or if there’s something we can improve on as we’re constantly updating the API.

Quick Demo

Let’s get LeBron James’ stats this season as of this writing. His playerID is 2544, which can be retrieved a couple of ways.

// 20161202121153
"st": 18,
"fta": 111,
"bs": 6,
"ba": 14,
"off": 17,
"pf": 27,
"min": 572,
"fgm": 133,
"to": 63,
"deff": 109,
"pts": 369,
"tpa": 71,
"playerId": 2544,
"ftm": 78,
"fga": 271,
"plusminus": 139,
"ast": 145,
"tpm": 25,
"tot": 126