SuredBits NFL API Update — Search players and teams

Last week, we released the first version of SuredBits API, which allows you to query NFL data. We started with querying games searchable by team, week and year.

Today, we are adding players and teams! You can now search for any NFL player by either last name, or full name to fetch their player profile. A player’s profile includes all identifiable and unique information for the given player. For example, if I wanted to find Tom Brady:

// 20161014085008
"weight": 225,
"profileId": 2504211,
"gsisName": "T.Brady",
"uniformNumber": 12,
"fullName": "Tom Brady",
"height": 76,
"lastName": "Brady",
"firstName": "Tom",
"birthDate": "8/3/1977",
"profileUrl": "",
"status": "Active",
"team": "NE",
"playerId": "00-0019596",
"position": "QB",
"yearsPro": 17,
"college": "Michigan"

Hard to believe there’s only 1 NFL player with the last name “Brady”. However, if I wanted to find Aaron Rodgers, I would want to specify a first name as well. If I only queried by his last name, I would get back 6 different players with the last name “Rodgers”. If multiple players share the same full name, such as Brandon Marshall of the Jets and Brandon Marshall of the Broncos, both players would be returned.

You can now also find a team’s roster and schedule. Querying for a team’s schedule will return the team’s 16-game regular season schedule. Searching for a team’s roster will return all players on the roster in the current week — this includes all 53 active players and any players on injured-reserve, the physically-unable-to-perform (PUP) list, or any suspended players.

We’ve also added documentation for the API. Refer to the documentation as a simple reference for using the API.

Our next feature to be implemented will be statistics!

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