10 Times Pre-Wedding Photo Shoots Did Me Aha! — Lagos Owanbe Crooner

It is no more news that Nigerian pre-wedding photo shoots have taken a dramatic turn. It seems couples and photographers now use this avenue to display their unique, perhaps weird skills.

The creative ideas behind these shoots can be thrilling some times; seeing pictures of beautiful couples fool around all in the name of love.

I however find some of them rather unusual…

Even if you are a hunter’s daughter, stop it at bush rats or grass cutters…

Source: naij.com

If you attend CAC, good luck hiding this from your church members; or how do you want to explain this position? When you are not a truck pusher!

Source: naij.com

No they did not meet in traffic! According to her, their love is as filling as Gala. Hmmm… How insightful.

They called it Zero Gravity Project. We all know the Nigerian tribe that will pull this off effortlessly.

Who floated better?

How to know where it all started… THE DM!

Source: naij.com

These are the “See me lale” couples… Against all mama and papa’s odds

Source: bellanaija.com

When your friends tell you to do it big or don’t do it at all…

The for better for worse type of couple…

Source: kokolive.tv

When you cheated on her but she still agrees to marry you.

Source: google.com

I understand unique is cool; but don’t forget the line between different and weird is very thin — — — — — — — —

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See you again next week…

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