We’ve all been there. You need to get a loved one/employee a gift and nothing seem good enough!

Think of the struggle that comes with picking the perfect gift, to the hassle of wrapping and delivering.

Just when you thought gifting could not get any easier, e-gifting came along! Gift cards not only take the pressure off you as the gift-giver, it ultimately prevents those awkward moments we’ve all had opening gifts we hate from the people we love. 
 If you still need to be convinced about how easy your gifting life just got, here are 5 reasons gift card is the life you’ve been dreaming of:

1. Convenience

Imagine you have to make a trip to the mall or market every time you need to give a gift; the long queues, stress, time and uncertainty of specifics. With SureGifts, sending a gifts is done in the comfort of your room/offices with just the click of a button.

2. Customization

Just because your thought counts as much as the value sent, you can customize your SureGifts gift cards with special messages and images to show your love just as intended. For corporate outfits, we offer co-branded gift cards that represent your company in the best way possible.

3. Fast and Easy Delivery Options

There is nothing as special as a message delivered right on time! With SureGifts, your gift cards are delivered to the recipients’ e-mail or physical addresses just in time to ignite the widest smile.

4. SureGifts Cards are Redeemable at 50+ Top Online and Offline Stores in Nigeria

What is a gift card if you don’t enjoy the luxury of freedom? Recipients can redeem at your selected vendor or at any offline or online store where SureGifts Cards are accepted.

5. Pay 100+ Functional Bills

It gets juicer when your gift cards can pay for your power bill, toll fee, flights, school fees, insurance etc. SuregiftsPay

6. Budget Friendly

For individuals, you don’t have to overshoot your intended spend because dollar has risen; whatever value you want on your gift card is what you pay for and is delivered! For corporate organizations, you can finally bid inflated gift quotations goodbye. No procurement hassle, warehousing etc.

Are you convinced?!

Place your orders now on visit www.suregifts.com.ng

For bulk/corporate orders send an email detailing your request to hello@suregifts.com.ng or Call 0700-SUREGIFTS (0700–787344387). An account manager will get back to you in minutes.

Send this to your HR or friend and let’s get gifting!

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