8 Reasons Why Your Customer Support Service Should be 101%

1) Happy customers bring referrals

On average, happy customers tell nine people about their experiences with a company/business.

Source: American Express

Focus on making your customers happy and you will be rewarded with great word of mouth referrals and online reviews.

2) One unhappy customer often means there are many more.

For every customer who complains, there are 26 customers who don’t say anything.

Source: Lee Resources International

Most times, they tired and leave.

That’s why customers who complain are giving you an extraordinarily valuable gift: insight into what’s probably making many more customers unhappy.

3) Making existing customers happy can help you sell more than finding new customers

When it comes to sales, the probability of selling to an existing happy customer is up to 14x higher than the probability of selling to a new customer.

Source: Marketing Metrics

Many people think that the only way to grow their business is to find new customers. But often, the best source for growth is sitting right in front of you: existing customers. You just have to make them happy, and then find ways to deliver more value to them.

4) If you’re known for good customer service, you can charge more

86% of customers will pay more for a better customer experience.

Source: American Express

With excellent customer service seeming more and more rare these, customers are willing to pay a premium for it. Deliver on that desire, and your customers will be happy to pay higher prices.

5) When you screw up, don’t forget to apologize

37% of customers are satisfied with service recovery when they are offered something of monetary value (e.g. a refund or credit). But when the business adds an apology on top of the compensation, satisfaction doubles to 74%.

Source: Carey School of Business

When you screw up, making the customer whole with a refund or credit is an obvious part of resolving the issue. But an often overlooked and even more important part is simply saying “I’m sorry.”

6) Speaking of social media,keep your ear to the ground

Failure to respond to customer complaints and questions on social media can lead to 15% increase in churn

Source: Gartner

When your customers turn to social media, there’s a lot at stake. Make sure you’re listening. Get SCRM tools to help manage customer effectively.

7) Consider introducing a loyalty program

More than half of customers would consider increasing the amount of business they do with a company for a loyalty reward, and 46% already have.

Source: ClickFox

It should be clear by now that loyalty can mean a lot to your bottom line. Loyalty programs can be a great way to nurture customer relationships.

8) Motivate your customer serviceemployees the right way

81 percent of employees said that they’re motivated to work harder when their boss shows appreciation for their work.

Source: Glassdoor

The finding above comes from a survey of more than 2,000 employees who were asked what motivated them most.

Appreciation was cited more than twice as often as the second most common response.

But it’s not just something that employees say; research also suggests that people truly respond to appreciation as a powerful motivator.

Source www.groovehq.com