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You probably have figured all the lessons from this story already, we have created a list, anyway, we think might help:

  1. Always keep learning what works: SureBids’ journey from SureGifts shows a startup that keeps learning. This is what keeps a business alive.
  2. Be very clear about what your goal and business is. Many founders don’t even know what business they are in. SureBids demonstrates that it is clear on what it seeks to achieve. In one word for SureBids it is; KILL CASH.
  3. Always be moving! While this may not seem like a major key, founders always need to keep thinking of the next step that can move their business forward. Never rest on your laurels, always be moving. Don’t be so stuck on one single idea that you never see what’s possible.
  4. Understand your market. SureBids clearly understands its market. Credit is a big deal in the Nigerian market. People want it everywhere you go. It makes sense to somehow find a way to make it happen. In simple terms, give the market what it asks for.

You probably saw something, a lesson we didn’t mention, do drop a comment to let us know.

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