Sureify Wins Highest “DIAmond” Award at DIA, Munich

Dustin Yoder
Nov 22, 2017 · 2 min read

Munich, November 16, 2017 — Sureify was proud to share the stage and the highest award at DIA this year with our friends at Sentiance. Dustin Yoder and Dimitri Maex, the CEO and President of Sureify and Sentiance respectively, brought to life their shared vision of the insurer-policyholder relationship 2.0. Together they demonstrated the wizardry of the Sentiance technology that extrapolates behavior insights from a diversity of mobile-user data, and then showed the full circle that Sureify provides by turning these insights into buying signals and engagement opportunities.

Sureify has been on a mission to help insurers better understand their customers and engage with them in meaningful ways. DIA was a great opportunity to show off the Lifetime Platform’s ability to capitalize on a combination of real user data, derived by Sentiance and Sureify, to create engagement opportunity.

About Sureify

Sureify helps insurers meet the high customer engagement bar that been set by the Ubers and Amazons of the world. The Lifetime Platform puts the most effective digital customer engagement tools in the hands of insurers to drive customer loyalty, brand recognition and better customer experience.

The Lifetime Platform is a set of cloud-based software applications that allow insurers to digitally engage with their policyholders via web, mobile and various personal health and device data sources. The Lifetime Platform includes white-labeled, consumer web and mobile apps, as well as back-end software that empowers agents and insurance administrators control over the entire Saas solution.

About Sentiance

Sentiance is a data science company turning IOT sensor data into rich insights about people’s behavior and real-time context. These insights enable companies to understand how customers go through their everyday lives, discover and anticipate the moments that matter most, and adapt their engagement to real-world behavior and real-time context.

About DIA

DIA is dedicated to accelerating the crucial digital transformation of the insurance industry. DIA is the first global community and two-day conference connecting change agents at insurance companies to fintech leaders.

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