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Did you plan outdoor activity? Do you want to go somewhere that you don’t know the path? Then you are at the right place to get assist. There are some navigational apps that might help us to go outdoors by navigating. These navigation apps works based on GPS navigation that accurately calculates geographical location by receiving information from GPS satellites. When we are going outdoors our navigation map should be perfect otherwise it will mislead us and we will be lost. Navigation applications mainly capable of providing maps, including street maps, turn-by-turn navigation, traffic congestion maps and information about nearby restaurants and shops. Komoot app is one of the best navigation application available for smartphones. It helps us to plan tours and gives tour suggestions. Komoot app gives clear details about our tour.

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Komoot app gives us smart ways to go outdoors. It helps foot travelers and bikers to get destination by providing topographic maps, turn-by-turn navigation and some sort of recommendations on cool places etc. Komoot gives us smart tour details according to our fitness levels and our sport preferences. We can use topographic maps and turn-by-turn voice navigation to focus on our path. We can get directions, distance, speed and time, so we can plan according to our strength. This application helps better for bikers, hikers on roads or mountains also. We can always check the speed of our going and how far we have gone, how much distance we need to travel with current speed. Voice navigation is a best feature that helps us to keep up with our path.

Komoot app gives us recommendations on cool places from others. We can create highlights on our outdoor experience and share with others. According to our interests komoot suggests us smart tours. Komoot app has a great feature that it allows us to save offline maps that we planned outdoor activities for offline usage. This application automatically synchronizes with desktop, tablet and other devices. We can always follow our friends to know their outdoor adventures. Komoot application available for iOS and android devices.

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Download and install komoot app on you device from below given links

Download komoot for android from below link Download Now Download komoot app for iOS devices from below link Download Now

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Conclusion: Great application for outdoor plans with turn-by-turn voice navigation. Free for first time usage and need pay for offline map downloads. I recommend komoot app for hikers and bikers on roads or mountains.

Originally published at www.surfmegeek.com on June 15, 2015.

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