Projects that feature the sounds of 5am


Original language Title: WON-PYUNG

Director/Co-Producer: Bansuk Wolf

Total Running time: 86min

Wonpyung, 84 years old and now sightless, is a first-generation painter in Western art from Wonju region, South Korea. With the help of his son, he is currently preparing for his final exhibition.

Project 5am songs featured:

5am Wabi Sabi

Space Mothlight

A l’occasion du festival Quai du Polar à Lyon, Leye Adenle vous présente son ouvrage “Lagos Lady” aux éditions Métailié. Retrouvez le livre : Note de musique :

“Polar Stratospheric Clouds” — Project 5am

Theo, Katie, Abi, Lizzie, Hannah, Alasdair, Cian and Chris talk about why they chose to study German (and so should you). Produced by the School of Languages and Cultures The University of Sheffield

Features parts of ‘Lila’ by Project 5am

Aus Abfallprodukten der Forschung entstand Algaemy: die Gewinnung von Farbpigmenten aus Algen. Bei Experimenten mit diesen Pigmenten entdeckten die Designerinnen Essi Johanna Glomb und Rasa Weber, dass die Algenfarben sich mit der Sonneneinstrahlung veränderten und durch Überlagerungen miteinander reagierten. So entwickelten sie eine biodynamische Farbpalette, deren Farben sich mit der Zeit verändern.

Project 5am — Yves

‘Michael’- 2015

A flim by Kunnawut Boonreak

Genre: Documentary

Running time: Total: 48 minutes

Country: Thailand

‘Michael’ features the following tracks from the Project 5 am album

The Yellow Book:


Three Boys at Lake Tanganyika

A lazy sailor at Heart

Among different background of economic and religion networks in Mae Sot district, a city along Thailand-Burma border, ‘Michael Right’ and Yameen ‘Michael Muhammad’, two Rohingyas have been struggling for their livelihood. At the same time they have attempted to maintain Rohingya’s identity which is perhaps never static. The two Michaels have the same ethnics but different economic status and background. The story takes place in the heart of Mae Sot and Umpiem Refugee camp. Yameen Michael’s perspectives of the long-term residents in Mae Sot whose growing cross-border businesses depend largely on their religious networks (Rohingya and Muslim), while Michael Right fled away from the Motherland for nineteen years, but now he has been still waiting for beginning his new life in somewhere. By juxtaposing two different lives, how the two stateless men have tried to seek ‘identity’ that others accept. Although both migrated since a long time ago, but did not belong to any place; State of Thailand or Myanmar. While citizenship brings one outside the fence, another one without citizenship tried to grab it all the time. Even the religious space that both of them are Rohingya Muslim, but the social capital is positioning them differently. Identity of diaspora are always been fractional and they are trying to negotiate with the situation in their everyday life.

Awards & Screenings:

Visual Documentary Project 2015

2nd AGITPROP International Film Festival

Southeast Asian Documentary Film Festival

University of Oxford Project Southeast Asia

A still from Shooting the Moon

Shooting the Moon 2016

Genre: Web Series

Directed by: Jeremy Sandor

Created by / Written by: Danielle Lapointe

Produced by: Danielle Lapointe, Jeremy Sandor Marion Duhaime Morissette, Guillaume Collin, Dejan Pavlovic, Arpent Films

Running time: Total: 56 minutes (7 episodes x 8 min each)

Country: Canada

Shooting The Moon Episode 5 features the Project 5am track : The Dream

Indie Wire — Women and Hollywood

“Bold… Honest… Offering an abundance of dry laughs, and “Oh my gosh that’s happened to me” moments.” — Eboni Boykin, Women and Hollywood

Shooting the Moon follows the journey of Danielle, an aspiring filmmaker from small­town Ontario as she chases after her big break in the Montréal film industry. Danielle spends her days working a dead­end job at a movie theatre while answering online ads for gigs on film sets and hanging out with her uptight roommate and stoner boyfriend. A string of bizarre interviews and indie film set disasters leave Danielle close to giving up on her dream. Her only escape is her vivid imagination which transforms her daily life into on­screen storylines from iconic films and television shows. On the brink of giving up, Danielle receives an offer that just might be the big break she was hoping for.

Awards & Screenings:

The 3rd Annual NYC Web Fest (NYCWF) official selections

Website: Shooting The Moon

Shooting the moon: episode 5 Sunflower neptune

Who Am I To Stop It — 2016

Genre: Documentary

Producer, Co-Director Cheryl Green

Producer, Co-Director Cynthia Lopez

Running time: Total: 1 hour 26 min

Country: USA

Who Am I To Stop It features the Project 5am track The Line

The trailer for Who Am I To Stop It

Who Am I To Stop It is documentary about the traumatic brain injury community made by a filmmaker with disabilities from brain injury. It follows three artists as they navigate social isolation, stigma, and rebuilding their identities. They practice the arts to re-connect to their own sense of self-pride and to their larger communities. Rather than emphasize how people got injured or highlight medical aspects of disability, we explore consequences of internalized ableism and the ways in which many brain injury survivors feel they are not accommodated or understood. Through visual arts, music, and sharing their stories, the subjects explore questions around poverty, sexuality, faith, family, success, and community.

This film contains mature themes and adult language.

The documentary weaves together three distinct stories that cross age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, class, family support, and disability. Despite their different life contexts, the film reveals how brain injury survivors are complex, dynamic people with creative drive and agency. In the film, we witness interruptions to career plans, relationships, education, and family ties. Likewise, the viewer celebrates a sense of accomplishment as all three subjects present their art publicly for the first time with their new identities as peers with brain injury. Each subject proactively works to challenge their own and others’ views of their worth and value by creating and sharing their art. By emphasizing daily life and storytelling over expert interviews, viewers are invited to question their assumptions about people with brain injury and what role the community can play in ending stigma and unlearning ableism.

Awards & Screenings:

Spotlight Film Awards Bronze Award 2016

The IndieFEST Film Awards 2016

Official Website:

In 2007 Jason Kofi-Haye created a series of interdisciplinary artworks under the guise of Project 5am after peak experience art at 5am. Projects include the electronic album ‘Quixotes of Moons Fight The Windmills of Brixton’ and the experimental short film ‘Some kind of wonderful’ which was one of the films chosen for the Danish film auteur Lars Von Trier community project ‘Gesamt’ at the 2012 Copenhagen Art Festival. Graduating in 2014 with a BA in Fine Art, Kofi-Haye’s following projects have included ‘Flux Without Pause‘ and Surf/ace which explores the internal external outlines for systems with potential catalysts for transformation.



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Project 5am

Infinite metamorphosis, formulas of forms. Bred by taste of the act in the incomprehensible roams.