It’s Time For Twitter To Take One For The Team
Erik Kain

I don’t think it is time for Twitter to take one for the team. I think it is time that we all look back, look deep inside ourselves and perhaps realize a bit what the world has come to.

Misinformation is everywhere anyway, because people — don’t even have to be journalists, but includes them — do not lift their asses up anymore.

They go work, they turn on the Internet, they check their mails. They go to Facebook or Twitter. They think they are informed.

I read a lot of shit about Germans e.g. because it is fancy in some places to state we are all traumatized idiots that do whatever and also rule the EU.

If you really want to find out about Germans, perhaps travel to Germany and spend a few months there and talk to people!

You’d be surprised! Just as I was surprised when I traveled to Ireland, Egypt, Syria, South Africa, Costa Rica when I was young.

As much as I’m surprised with every voyage I still make these days.

Find out for yourself. THINK! Don’t BELIEVE!

If you can’t afford to travel, talk to people.

And this is advice especially for Americans. Because half the world thinks you are crazy right now. I know you are not, but I have been to your country for 20 times or so!

And still then I sometimes suspect I might be wrong!

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