I can’t eat at work but I have fitness goals!

A lot of my clients have a hard time staying on a food regimen of 5 or so small meals throughout the day; their work doesn’t allow such break or luxury, or their lifestyle doesn’t allow it.

For some, I suggest “real food” shakes.. not protein powder shakes. Hear me out..

I used to drink my shakes because I could do so at anytime. No one ever really has a problem with you drinking during a meeting do they? They would have a problem with eating; wether it’s the smell of food, the chomping of the food, or the possible mess, eating usually is a greater deterrant for a business professional lifestyle. When I am in a meeting, walking through a store, out with friends, whatever it may be, drinking a shake may be the way to go.

My shakes may be different than yours, but I will share mine with you and the concept behind them.

My shakes:

Protein Source(s): Albumin (pastuerized liquid egg whites) is one of the fastest digesting proteins, not to mention a BV of absorbsion near 100%! I also add a scoop of chocolate protein powder; this eliminates the taste of the eggs. Blindfolded, trust me, you would never know you are drinking egg whites. You can/may need to also add a little water depending on the egg white volume you chose to drink.

Carbohydrates: Can be a few varieties, my carb of choice was always Gluten-free oats, tastes clean and I feel like I am eating an oatmeal cookie when the shake is made with peanut butter and chocolate protein powder. For a taste variety, try low-fat graham crackers and carob chocolate chips.

Fat Source(s): I may add a whole egg for the healthy fats from the egg yolk, or I would stick with simply peanut or almond butter.

Note for the athletes and aspiring muscle mass weight gainers out there - 2 things..

  1. Don’t but weight gainers at GNC. Please. How many serving do you get..10 maybe? ..and what is the nutrtional label consisting of.. sugar, carbs? All predigested I might add, so your weight gain would be non-quality. Make your own weight gainer with “real food” that will I guarantee, pack on “real mass” for you! Oats, peanut butter, coconut oil, etc.
  2. Egg whites are a lean mass building protein, yes.. but I don’t have any complaints, and you can do this while you are at work, or when you don’t want to chew food, and still need to get in the calories. Eat your beef or chicken, but when you need an alternative, now you have one.

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Zeke Samples is a world ranked WBFF Pro athlete with over 16 years of exercise and nutritonal experience. Zeke also owns Surreal Body Solutions in Charlotte, NC and helps clients reach their goals worldwide, either in person or through his online training program.