Every week I will be uncovering a Surrey based Artisan hidden gem and this week the gem is Mews Gin, my local Artisan Gin distiller who happens to be literally down the road!

Mews Gin is very much a family affair, run by both Father and son Richard and Dan. Both lovers of gin they decided to set up an artisan business crafting Gin and set about purchasing a small (Turbo 500) still (which they named “Sweaty Betty”) to try different recipes and distillation methods.

Keen to find out more we asked Richard the following questions about the creation, passion, uniqueness and future of Mews Gin….

So what was the inspiration behind Mews Gin?

Mews Gin started after one of those Sunday BBQ Lunch discussions when my Son and I asked the question “How hard can it be to make gin?”. Two years and 25 recipes later the answer was “Very”.

The first outing for Mews Gin was my daughter’s wedding where we provided personalised wedding favours and as they seemed to go down well we took the plunge and started the business in earnest.

How is your gin different from anyone else’s out there?

Our aim has been to produce a gin that can be drunk on its own as a martini (maybe over ice) as well as in the tradition G&T. We therefore use the vapour infused distillation method to produce our gin which means the botanicals are placed in a basket above the still and the vapours infuse through them, rather than placed into the pot itself and steeped. This leads to a more subtle, delicate flavour; it’s like the difference between boiled and steamed veg! Also we use Pink Peppercorns in our mix of 11 botanicals which add a slight spicy but sweet taste.

What is your favorite way to serve Mews Gin?

With a small amount of tonic, some ice, a few Pink peppercorns mixed in and four blueberries on a cocktail stick. The blueberries make little difference to the taste of the G&T but taste beatiful afterwards!

Would you consider promoting your gin to the wider consumer market?

Maybe in time, but we are a craft producer and our still “Betty” can really only produce 75 – 100 bottles each run. Everything we do is hand crafted, the gin, the bottling, the labelling and the waxing. If we got bigger we would need to automate some of that and potentially lose our uniqueness.

Where do you love to enjoy a drink in Surrey?

The Queens Head and the Plough (Downside)

What other Surrey own brands do you like?

We are really fortunate in Surrey with so many good food and drink brands so I don’t really want to single out just one or two!

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