80 #IOPsych Pros to follow on Twitter

Paul Thoresen
Dec 7, 2015 · 9 min read

Ever wonder who to follow on Twitter who might be tweeting about psychological science applied to the workplace? I want to share a list of active twitter users who are Industrial-Organizational Psychology practitioners. I have been inspired by a few recent events most notably “The 100 most followed psychologists and neuroscientists on Twitter!” list by the British Psychological Society (BPS). A very helpful list and I follow many of those.

A couple of areas I would like to address include the fact that the BPS list is based solely on number of followers. As good of a metric as any, although it does not weed out those who may not have tweeted in a couple of years. People may be popular to follow on twitter but if they have not tweeted since 2013, why bother? Another issue was the lack of those who specialize in Psychology applied to work. This was not the fault of the BPS, just the lack of very many I-O Psychology practitioners with a large number of followers (i.e., greater than 7,600). BPS (I may add) were fantastic about adding a few to their list I pointed out that they were unaware of when they compiled their list. For those unfamiliar with I-O Psych, I refer to this definition from SIOP: “Industrial-organizational (I-O) psychology is the scientific study of working and the application of that science to workplace issues facing individuals, teams, and organizations. The scientific method is applied to investigate issues of critical relevance to individuals, businesses, and society.”

Who is not on the present list?

This brings me to my list of #IOPsych pros to follow on twitter. I will admit upfront it is subjective since it is not based on number of followers. It is based on my observations of those who tend to tweet about employee selection, assessment, leadership development, org change, personality and other topic areas of psychological science applied to work. A few exclusion criteria:

  • Lack of tweets for the past six months likely means they are not on the list
  • Their training is in I-O Psych but they primarily tweet about other topics (soccer, rugby, politics, religion, food, art, music, market research, etc)
  • Their account is primarily automated and they do not interact on twitter
  • Their tweets may be of interest to a small minority in the discipline but fringe to the core areas of Industrial-Organizational Psychology
  • I-O firms, universities and associations have great information to share but you will find them easily if you go looking, I primarily want to highlight individuals.
  • Note, the bold font for every tenth listing was just to visually break up the list, not to emphasize those individuals.

So without further narrative here is the list!

  1. Aaron Kraus Shares great #IOPsych tweets (and crossfit adventures) known for breaking news, asking questions, and EEOC updates
  2. Abbie Caudill Tweets about diversity, work-life balance, and much more
  3. Adam Grant Work & psychology. Ex-diver. “Arguing like I’m right, listening like I’m wrong”
  4. Aimee Gardner Surgery simulation, academia and IO psych information
  5. Alen Tweets about the more industrial side of IO, with a dash of fun
  6. Alexander Alonso SHRM news, I-O information and original HR blogs
  7. Ali O’Malley Feedback research, social justice, teaching & mentoring
  8. Alice Brawley People watcher, stats enthusiast, combinations thereof
  9. Allen Gorman Leadership and Management, Scholar and Practitioner
  10. Allison S. Gabriel Researcher of wellbeing motivation & emotions
  11. Andrew Munro Talent management, innovation & practical applications — He can be a skeptical curmudgeon and we need that perspective!
  12. Beth Melillo I-O Psychology Change Enthusiast
  13. Bo Armstrong Gamification, technology, training, selection, & motivation
  14. Bob Sutton Research based tweets, author of Scaling Up Excellence etc...
  15. Brian Hirschfeld I-O Psychology, Lean certified, admirer of Abe Lincoln
  16. Brittany Van Arkel Employee engagement, leadership development and more — from my alama matter at the University of Northern Iowa :-)
  17. Brodie Gregory Tweets about using feedback in organizational consulting
  18. Buckley I/O Psych Views from the perspective of a young I-O professional
  19. Chris Giebe Industrial-Organizational Psychologist | Explorer wanna
  20. Courtney Keim Research on organizational wellness (& much more)
  21. Daniel J. Harris Business analytics, esp data science & data visualization
  22. Dave Solot Employee selection, Sci-Fi goodness and all things life
  23. Dave Swiderski Individual differences, org justice, and performance
  24. Dave Winsborough Personality, selection, assessment, research methods, and occasionally one of my other favorite topics — motorcycles!
  25. David Day “Skeptical enthusiast” who will keep you on your toes and happy to call BS on topics that are no supported by the evidence.
  26. Dr. Sanders Work Life balance, CSR, stress, Occupational Health Psych
  27. Eric Knudsen Autodidact with an unhealthy data obsession. Technology
  28. Evan Sinar Awesome data viz tweets, HR analytics, and big data
  29. Gordon Schmidt Social media specialization (AKA Guru) within IO Psych
  30. Hudson Kent New to twitter and taking it by storm — seriously
  31. IOATWORK Okay, I know I said only individuals, but I have to include and help support their efforts to help bridge the scientist-practitioner gap “Helping professionals stay up-to-date on the latest research in I/O psychology and HR-related fields.”
  32. IOPsychologyInMotion Special interest in recruitment and engagement
  33. J.R. Rowenhorst Talent Management, Human Capital Strategy, and OD
  34. Jackie Torres Well-being & performance, and positive psychology.
  35. Jason Read Likes to share snippets of books (Work Rules) and much more
  36. Jen Lacewell Okay, full disclaimer that majority of her tweets are about fitness and Game of Thrones, however she also shares info on I-O Psych
  37. Jennifer E. Yugo Well-being, selection, CX, organizational culture & cats
  38. Joe Ungemah Does not tweet often but has great info to share. Bringing together the science of Psychology & the practice of Talent Management
  39. John Austin Human Capital Measurement, employee selection assessment
  40. John Ballard Leadership, management, & life in the workplace tweets
  41. John Slifka Finds great IO Psych content. Selection, EEOC, you name it!
  42. Juan Maldonado Sports tweets aside, shares interesting varied content :-)
  43. Justin Black People analytics, employee engagement and org science
  44. Katherine A. Sliter IO Psych with a knack for stats and analytics
  45. Lewis Garrad Employee engagement, HR, people analytics, personality
  46. Lia Engelsted @IOatwork writer, interests include mindfulness & wellness
  47. Linda S Reese Coaching, feedback, organizational culture & onboarding
  48. Lynda Zugec Helping organizations make the world a better place
  49. Marla Gottschalk A LinkedIn Influencer, with a wide area of IO expertise
  50. Melissa Waitsman Program evaluation, and many areas of IO Psych
  51. Michael Cilla Gamification, new selection methods, LOVES infographics
  52. Michael Pate Big data, South Dakota careers news and IO Psych info
  53. Michael Sliter Workplace wellness and talent management
  54. Michael Woodward Tweets new ways to work and a smarter workforce
  55. Muneeb Bukhari Change Management, OD, engagement, basketball, technology, & Formula 1 (This is an extremely accurate summary!)
  56. Neil Morelli Future of work, tech, mobile, and talent management
  57. Nicholas Bremner Data nut. Interested in work motivation and CSR
  58. Nikki Blacksmith Recruitment & Selection, Psychometrics, and Tech
  59. Octavius Black Performance management, learning & development
  60. Richard Landers How tech can improve work & learning, especially with gamification, serious games, social media, and mturk
  61. Rob Briner Evidence-Based Management/Work Psychology (Note, I often do not agree with him however that can lead to good thinking & dialogue) 1/6/16 update - Rob and I actually seem to agree the overwhelming majority of the time. Darn those primacy and recency effects
  62. Ryan Rosiello Learning and OD, Leadership Development
  63. Scott Tannenbaum When good research meets practical thinking, teams, leaders and companies improve. Plus learning/training and … NASA!
  64. Stacie Young Human Capital Management, I/O Psych, HR
  65. Steve Nguyen Ways to make people and organizations more effective.
  66. Steven Rogelberg Teams, meetings, & Journal of Business and Psychology
  67. Steven Tseng Curating good IO Psych research, stats, and more
  68. Stew Friedman Great tweets on talent identification, cognitive psychology, original research, leadership, management and much more.
  69. Suzanne Bell Researches and helps organizations including #NASA maximize team human capital team composition #JourneytoMars
  70. Sy Islam Sy is a prolific curator of IO Psych goodness with tweets on engagement, big data, learning and development, (hashtag king!)
  71. Talya Bauer Tweets on employee lifecycle from recruitment, selection, onboarding to leadership, work relationships and offboarding
  72. Tammy Allen Work-family balance, career development, & health
  73. Ted Hayes Psychology and statistics in the pursuit of excellence
  74. Tiffany Poeppelman Technology and Social Media Enthusiast |Knack for Personal Branding and Workplace Evaluation
  75. Tilman Sheets People at work analytics, rstats, the measurement of human abilities, psychometrics and of course world peace
  76. Tim Casasola ‏ Writing on the future of work, Organizational Design
  77. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic Leadership, personality, talent, psychology, innovation
  78. Tony Slimmings * Tweets regularly about the rhetorics and realities of selecting retaining and motivating employees
  79. Veronika Jakl Tweeting about a work & organizational psychologist’s daily routine plus work-related stress
  80. William A Gentry Training, teaching, sports, TV, music, pop culture, & everyday life

Not on the list? Add yourself in the comments and I will be happy to update! I did is not intend to list all I-O Psychology professionals on twitter. This list could grow to be 10x as long (although that would be a lot of work). Also, I made a conscious choice to include regardless of academia versus practice. Hopefully twitter can be one tool to help narrow the scientist-practitioner gap! If we make an even 100 that would be optimal by me.

1/6/16 Update: Want an easy handy dandy way to follow the initial 80? Use this list compiled by Evan Sinar: https://twitter.com/EvanSinar/lists/ios

This was originally going to be a short list of 10–20, but it kept on growing. A few issues to note. It is North America-centric primarily due to my familiarity with US I-O Psych. I am happy to include more tweeters sharing relevant tweets. If they are using different hashtags (or not calling out this specialty) frankly I will miss it. Think about this— Work Psychology, Occupational Psychology, Business Psychology, Organizational Psych plus other variations = a lot to keep track of!

1/6/2016 Update: Two special I-O Psychology focused bloggers to follow are:

Adrian Furnham and Ron Riggio

Note, I decided not to focus on where people work, or how many followers they have. You can easily find that information. I chose to emphasize more what they tweet about and highlight quality twitter accounts. I can guarantee none of these accounts are twitter bots! I went to grad school with Evan Sinar, I met Aaron Kraus at SIOP, I have had arguments with Andrew Munro on Linkedin (plus he sent me one of his books) etc. Many people know Twitter is fantastic for events. However it can also be used to efficiently share information for application of psychological science to our work lives.

1/6/16 After 1 month I am editing in an addendum of 20 more to follow

  1. Aarti Shyamsunder Organizational psychologist. Explorer. Traveler. Writer. Feminist. Fan of words, clever design, stories and music.
  2. Abel Gallardo Olcay Tweets on Industrial Psychology and more.
  3. Alison Eyring Shares insights & resources at intersection of #business #design #culture and #growth
  4. Amy DuVernet Tweets on: #IOPsychology, #Training, #CPTM_cert, #Certification, #IOPsych, #HR, #Selection,#Assessment, #Marketing
  5. Arnold B. Bakker Positive Organizational Psychology (Dr. Bakker often provides access to his own research on engagement, well being and more)
  6. Ben Dattner Executive coaching, organizational effectiveness and teams
  7. Clodagh O’Reilly Focused on improving working lives: shares ideas that catch my attention or provoke reflection for me.
  8. Erika Ofodirinwa Loves helping organizations get it right with their people
  9. Frederik Anseel Switching between scientific findings, random thoughts and personal nonsense. And Italian wines
  10. Ioannis Nikolaou @tedxaueb curator, @jobpairs co-founder, @eawop
  11. Jason McPherson Lover of literature, music, wilderness, big/small data, equitable cultures and economic policies
  12. John Antonakis Leadership, charisma, and other fun things. My motto: In nature I trust; everyone else has to present data.
  13. Mark Keane Evidencing the #QuantifiedSelf , coding to improve life, health, and work
  14. Mike Zickar IO Psychology, Vegan, Book Nerd, Student of the Zen Way (after one month on twitter Mike has 100 tweets / 100 followers)
  15. Pylin Chuapetchara Specialized in Cultural Intelligence (CQ), HR Analytics, statistics, psychometrics, research
  16. Rich Mendelson IO Psychology practitioner who has a cool new #IOdaily
  17. Sara Weiner Tweets on big data, social networking, & workforce analytics
  18. Sarah Stanley Fallaw IO Psych, continuing the study of wealth in America
  19. Stephanie Murphy I/O Psych article reader/writer, measure developer, and work engagement obsessor
  20. Vicenç Feltrer IOPsychology, HR, and Recruitment

Thank you for reading and happy tweeting!

P.S. Tony is technically not IO Psych by background and training. There many many people who do not come from the same discipline but share interests, passions and overlapping expertise. A very small sampling of honorable mention (please make sure to follow these accounts if interested in areas)

  • Kate Bischoff (Employment law), Fascinated by HR, HRtech & recruiting. Tweets ≠ legal advice. Interested in big data and seeing it not misused…
  • Michael M. Moon Engagement, social technology, HRTech, HR Analytics organizational network analysis, human capital research and more
  • Krishnapriya Nair Blogs at “The Ardent HR” tweets about Strategic HR, Organization Development, Talent Development and much more.

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