Homeowners Leveraging Brand New Solar Technology to Save Thousands

The quest for independence just got a lot easier!

For those wanting to live an untethered life, free of government dependency for basic necessities, there haven’t always been many options.

This is especially true for those who don’t want to give up some essentials, such as hot water.

For those who also want to experience the advantages of solar living, the new Rocket Dome Solar Thermal Hot Water System fits the bill. And the best news?

It has a $0 annual cost and will take up 0 percent of the electricity bill… That means savings, independence from the government and reliability all wrapped up into one system.

Unlike most solar water heaters, the Rocket Dome Solar Thermal Hot Water System does not mount to the roof, so there is no added weight or holes that can damage the roof immediately or over time.

This also allows those who have a less-than-desirable location for traditional solar panels to still enjoy the benefits of this clean, renewable energy.

And because the system uses solar thermal power, there is no heating cost, an expense that is typically 25–35 percent of the total electric bill.

Additionally, the Rocket Dome comes with a 30 percent federal tax credit and qualifies for most state and local tax credits. That’s a major savings on top of a drastically reduced electric bill!

The entire system also comes with a 10-year warranty, and the system life is up to 25 years. Compared with most electric water heaters, that’s over twice the standard life expectancy.

Comparing the costs of a regular electric heater (which around $7,800/year plus the cost of water) to the $0 cost to operate the Rocket Dome Solar Thermal Hot Water System, and there really is no contest.

Also, considering the price of utilities is on the rise…it’s a no brainer.

“When it comes to utilizing solar thermal energy, quality, efficiency and craftsmanship matter.”

The standard 200-gallon polyurethane insulated storage tank is massive compared to the average 40–50 gallon electric tank. And by using the earth as added insulation, this patented heating and insulating technology allows the unit to raise the water temperature much higher and maintain the temperature for much longer.

The Rocket Dome tank has been tested to handle clean, potable water in excess of 180 degrees Fahrenheit and handle internal pressures of 130 psi. If a user’s needs are larger, there is also a 330-gallon tank available.

So many products are made overseas with questionable parts and craftsmanship and imported to the American people. Not the Rocket Dome Solar Thermal Hot Water System. It is 100 percent made in America and has a U.S. patent.

And while the standard Rocket Dome system already has so many advantages, the addition of a small PV system makes it totally off grid.

“That means its users have no reliance on any government entity, and should there be any issues with the nation’s power supply, this system will be unaffected.”

Additional advantages of this solar powered water heater include its easy installation and included instructions. Licensed plumbers, A/C contractors, and homeowners alike can easily perform installation.

Purchasing the Rocket Dome Solar Thermal Hot Water System can add up to $10,000 in value to a home, and the solar water system is patented and S.R.C.C. certified.

The tank is manufactured and uses approved materials in a way that makes it FDA and NSF compliant for potable water storage.

The environmental benefits of the system are numerous as well. Using the Rocket Dome Solar Thermal Hot Water System reduces impact on the environment and uses the earth’s renewable resources to heat the water supply.

This premium solar heater does not use chemicals of any kind, anti-freeze agents, and does not produce any harmful emissions.

“Finding a system that is cost effective, environmentally friendly, and allows for off-grid living had not previously been available before the Rocket Dome Solar Thermal Hot Water System hit the marketplace.”

Now this system is getting rave reviews from the solar water heating community and users of the system for providing savings, independence and durability.

It’s been endorsed by the following members of the Solar Power and Prepper Communities:

“Not your average residential solar thermal hot water system design.” — Solar Thermal Magazine

“A new choice for solar hot water technology.” — Solar Power World Magazine

“5 Stars!” — Solar-Magazine.com

The added bonus of not being dependent on fossil fuels means there is no cost to operate the heat source.

The instability in oil prices alone makes this system great for value and savings, but also for peace of mind during uncertain economic and political times.

Expert preppers and survivalists agree that some survival tools are more “toys” than actual tools, and not truly necessary for off-grid living.

But that’s not the case with the Rocket Dome Solar Thermal Hot Water System. It is considered a “must-have” for the truly autonomous lifestyle, free from government interference and dependence.

If you would like to learn more about saving money with a Rocket Dome Solar Thermal Water Heater for your home, you can contact Sean McElroy, Director of Sales directly at 866–844–4908.

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