Compelling Marketing Strategies for a Modern Day CMO

Here are some marketing alternatives that will drive outstanding results to your brand.

The world is changing on a daily basis. Companies must be able to adapt their business practices to transitions. Marketing is one of the fundamental pillars of a business; therefore, CMOs must be alert and on their feet.

There are various advancements in place, from new channels of distribution to innovative customer experiences. These important shifts have an impact on consumer behavior.

A modern CMO must develop accurate marketing strategies to respond to these changes effectively.

We’ll see some strategies that can cause an impact on your business:


Nowadays, you see more brands emphasizing on social media and using a content sharing strategy.

What they create and share is something of value. The purpose of the content is to keep current customers engaged, while attracting new ones.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when sharing content:

  1. It must be closely-related to your goods and services. In this case, American Express has done an excellent job with the OPEN Forum posts. It is an online community for small business owners to exchange and receive powerful insights from the credit card company.
  2. The content needs to spark interest and word of mouth to the extent that it is worth spreading in social media. For example, Virgin Atlantic has an image-based blog focused on travel destinations. It makes me want to grab my passport and take a vacation.

If you have an online presence, content marketing is a great way to get people to know and trust your brand. If they feel identified with the content, chances are that they’ll become brand ambassadors.


This is a great strategy when used properly. Forget about spamming your audience, think about delivering engaging content.

First, you need an acquisition strategy. A good way to do this is to identify how customers interact with your brand and developing marketing strategies around it. For example, if your social media presence is strong, you can have a giveaway and customers can opt-in via an online form.

This method not only helps you to build a database, but it enables a personalized approach. The collected data allows you to send relevant and targeted messages, therefore; your subscribers will appreciate the specific information.

High quality content delivered to the right audience will most likely drive word of mouth to others. This is what makes an email marketing campaign successful.


Companies are using the power of social media marketing. Just think about it, it is cost-effective and you can reach a wider audience.

In order to maximize results, businesses must first determine its goals and understand how social media helps to achieve them. Also, learn more about your customers, you can run a small survey to understand their social network preferences.

Why waste your resources in the wrong place? Focus your marketing efforts on the right social networks.

Once you have determined the right place, it is time to create a content strategy.

First, think about the content and how you want to present it. What is the tone of the message you are trying to convey? Is it relevant to include links, images, video or text only? I suggest to keep the content aligned to your brand.

Second, the best time to post content. As mentioned earlier, a small survey about social network preferences allows you to learn more about your customers. If not, you can post at different times to determine the levels of customer engagement. This approach can give you an idea of when to post.

Third, the posting frequency. It depends on how relevant the content is to a specific trend or campaign. The last thing your brand needs is annoyed followers; therefore, manage the frequency accordingly.

The success of a social media marketing campaign depends on how well it is executed.


All business must keep tabs on their online activities. Especially with the rise of social media, CMOs need to measure how content influences people.

Managing and understanding data is beneficial for anyone looking to grow their business’ online presence. There are useful tools out there to analyze the impact of your social media efforts.

These social analytics platforms offer different types of data collection, such as understanding your content’s reach and post interaction. Also, web analytics allows you to gather information on user behavior and site navigation, all in real time. Aside from data, it enables post scheduling and multiple social network management in one place.

If you are looking to build your online and social media presence, take advantage of the web and social analytics tools. It is important to understand which data variables are crucial to your business; therefore, use the right platform to collect essential information.


Are you listening to what your customers have to say? If your answer is no, then it might be a good time to start doing so.

Pay attention to what your customers are saying on social media. This a good way to understand how people view your brand. Engage your customers through friendly posts and interesting blog entries. Respond to their inquiries and most importantly, use the negative comments to improve their experience.

You can also design surveys to gather customer feedback. Conducting a customer satisfaction survey enables you to pinpoint what works and what needs improvement. Other surveys allow you to grasp customer needs to optimize products and services. Tools like Survmetrics have you covered from the survey design process to the data analysis.

Remember, the customer is the lifeline of your business. Engage them continuously to build a successful brand.

We live in a connected world and trends change on a daily basis. CMOs must be willing to adapt quickly and learn how to steer the ship during transitions.

Next time, you are revising the business’ marketing plan, take into consideration these alternatives. Implementing these strategies correctly can deliver exciting results to your business.

Tell me, what marketing strategies are you using to build your brand’s presence? Are they generating the expected results?

Eduardo E. Sierra


Eduardo is a savvy marketing professional who knows a thing or two about market research and survey design.

You can reach him at@esierr1

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