If you agree with one of these, you can hack your business with surveys

All of these eight reasons have the same level of importance, but each one will probably give you different ideas to hack your business.

Recently, Brian, who runs the marketing campaigns in a healthcare startup, asked us for some reasons why he should use surveys in his business. To be honest, at Survmetrics we think there’s really no simple answer for that question. Why? Well, all companies are different, but we’re sure that all people who run a business share the same mindset and probably some of the same goals.

We explained to him there’s no one specific reason to use surveys, but instead, we see common objectives and multiple motivations for a person who runs a business to use surveys.

At the end, Brian agreed with us about using surveys on his business, and our conversation inspired us to write this blog and share our ideas with you.

The following eight reasons may help you see the best way to use surveys.


Technology gives people the possibility to stay connected all the time. For business, the fact that people are always sharing information on the Internet is opening a huge opportunity to use all that data to help you make smart marketing decisions.

Sometimes, people’s opinions can be good or bad, but if you’re a brand, this allows you to know the user’s perceptions, to know if your product or service meets your customers’ expectations or worse, falls flat.

Surveys have been the best way to measure people’s opinion, and brands across all industries use them to get people’s feedback and measure their satisfaction. If you’re running a business, you must know that your clients always have an opinion about you.

Surveys let you capture and identify your customers’ positive and negative perceptions about your business.


A large number of articles and books about quality mention that “what can be measured, can be improved.” The core of this idea is that if you develop an appropriate way to measure your product, you can improve it.

Measuring a product includes several aspects and many different perspectives. Perhaps the most important aspect to measure is customer satisfaction. Knowing your customer’s opinion will help you identify opportunity areas from your customer’s perspective.

Surveys are useful tools to get feedback and to identify opportunity areas from your customer’s perspective. There’s no better person in the world to ask about your product than your customers.

You’ll be surprised at the quality and quantity of ideas your customers have about your product. Building a product that fits your customers’ needs will help you sell more and grow your business.


The world is constantly changing and for this reason, you are required to change. Nothing is constant: your customers change, technology changes, markets change, customers’ needs change and you should be prepared for change all the time (or better yet, be ready before changes happen).

Technology has given us a lesson about how quickly things can change. In less than 10 years, a lot has changed. If you think for a minute, you will probably remember those big cellphones or the even bigger computers that are nothing close to what we have today. And think how different they will be in the future. So, if everything is changing, businesses have to change, too.

Don’t get left behind. Use the new tools, the new technologies, new methodologies and understand the necessity of change before your customers force you to change. Asking your customers frequently about their needs, behavior, or any other aspect will help you stay one step ahead.


In all companies, the best decisions are supported by information and numbers.

No matter the area or the problem you need to tackle, having truthful and timely information allows you to analyze different scenarios and reduce uncertainty.

You can and should collect information from different sources; however, in marketing, the most useful tool for getting information is surveys. By using surveys, you can collect information directly from both your internal and external users.

Today, surveys are the easiest way to obtain first-hand information directly from your customers, employees, partners or any other stakeholder. If you want to learn more about decisions supported by information, you should read Different decisions you can make with your surveys results.


Sales move any business forward. Without sales, there are no profits, and if there are no profits, your company will not survive. It’s as simple as that.

Under this assumption, all companies should focus in one thing: sales.

To sell more, you should use different strategies such as marketing research, implementing customer satisfaction surveys, marketing campaigns, and many more. All have a direct relationship with your sales, whether it’s to understand what your customers want or to find the best channels to convert them into sales.


Many people are afraid of taking risks because of uncertainty or insecurity, and there are some people who like to take risks.

Risk allows you to discover new opportunities and helps you to clarify your goals. An excellent opportunity for growth is taking chances that others are unwilling to accept.

Take the risk of developing a new project, redesign your brand, your product, search new ways to do things. Ask your customer for crazy ideas, give them the opportunity to share with you their deepest feelings about your product and the best person that they can be when using your product. You will be surprised by the results.


We cannot control everything around us. That’s a fact. There are external things foreign to us that always affect the expected result.

Mistakes help you to be a better version of you, and they can help to build a better version of something else. That something can be your product, the past marketing strategy, the last campaign, the new flavor or event the new color. If you always find the positive in bad experiences, you will learn and find a way to correct that mistake and grow.

After a bad experience, intelligent people look for new tools to arm themselves with to face future challenges. Surveys can help you ask people around you, (clients, customers, potential customers, providers, etc.) to find what you’re not doing well and what can you improve on for the future.


Marketing is a broad concept but with large weight in all companies. Marketing helps you to increase your sales, build a powerful brand, and keep a good the reputation in your customer’s mind.

Today’s marketing is focusing on human interactions, which means all business are looking to create connections between their brand and their customers in a more human way. All of that involves emotions, feelings, trust, and a lot of engagement.

If the new marketing involves human interaction and engagement, surveys are the best tool for you. There are a lot of new high tech tools that allow you to create marketing strategies, including getting in contact with your customers and interacting with them.

When you design your survey, your goal should be to determine what your customers want, what they expect from you and what they need. The answers to these questions are the basis for implementing good marketing strategies.

So if you do marketing, you have to consider including a good survey solution to get better results. We recommend starting now by making a plan, identifying tools to make your work easier, and starting to get information easily and quickly.

Liliana Rodriguez

Survmetrics Team

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