Mobile phone manufacturing company Ringing Bells plans to sell 3G enabled smartphones for ₹ 251 (~ US$ 4) ‘to empower citizens even in the remotest rural and semi-urban centres of India and to provide futuristic technology products of the highest quality at the lowest cost. Image courtesy of Pexels.

12 Reasons Why Freedom251 Smartphones Must Be Stopped “Right Now” Literally.

Read it before cursing me! 😂

I am really feeling great about the initiative as part of Digital India and Make In India. But, the thing is, how a person in the remotest place can get a #Freedom251 phone? - By ordering online? C’mon. Don’t tell me “Yes”.
Heard stories from Kobster’s founders about how price reduction attracts more and more one-time buyers and resellers. So, this #Freedom251 smartphone will not an exception of a materialistic nature of growing Indian ecommerce buyers if it’s launched for an open sale in the morning (just 6 hours to go). Large amassing and stockpiling will happen & resellers will sell it for hefty profits - government/Ringing Bells does have any mechanism to stop this?
India is poorly connected with high speed internet in Ringing Bells’ targeted regions- which includes regions with farming, fishing, weaving and other regional professions. Basically, how #Freedom251 smartphone can be ordered via internet without a digital device in place? Makes sense? Go on now.
India’s Public Distribution System is a very very successful scheme and still the first world countries struggling to establish something similar to PDS in their states - none achieved it so far. Yes, be proud of our nation for this great effort in decentralizing the basic needs & a well-established (less-corruptive) distribution system. Why can’t Ringing Bells use that system to reach its real targeted audience - farmers, fishing communities, weavers etc? Why all this Twitter bash and large parties to launch this event and all the waste of money? Also, selling it via PDS will make the Vision and Mission of Ringing Bells a true one.
I would have been one of those educated Twitter users retweeting all the tweets by Ringing Bells proudly if I haven’t read Geek Heresy: Rescuing Social Change from the Cult of Technology by sensible Kentaro Toyama suggested by my mentor-brother Bala. The author makes note that any social-changing project must have a perfect field partner to reach the real beneficiaries. In #Freedom251's case I sadly find no such field partners. So, my gut feeling says, #Freedom251 will be a good case-study for future generations as ‘how not to sell cheap smartphones for underprivileged? - a billion dollar answer experimentally verified by Indian Government.’ - And, I want that not to happen.
I know it’s too late to ask to stop the sale that’s gonna start in just 5 hours. But, it’s never too late to stop it. It’s just a few line of codes away to remove the “Register Now” button from their website and explain the reason clearly. I believe my fellow educated Indians are matured enough to understand. If not, for the time-being consider #Freedom251 as anti-national project and curb it under sedition charges in-no time 😂
Well, the intellectual beings in India are shouting to stop funding the universities for their ‘anti-national’ activities (such as discussing, holding public meetings, silent marches, candle vigil, silent protests, distributing pamphlets etc - OMFG, how violent acts!)- with all due respect as a tax-payer I am asking government & Ringing Bells to stop #Freedom251 right now. Please rethink and analyze the market well before launching.
Er. Sorry for the BIG bullets. It’s true, isn’t it? I already started seeing tweets from the fellow tweeters & other social-media users about ‘I will surely get #Freedom251’. There is no surprise. Because Flipkart has already trained Indians for ‘limited sales’ by conducting Big Billion Days sales. So, We Indians are well-experienced in pre-booking something for literally ‘no reason’ and purely for ‘impulsiveness’ created by peer pressure and marketing techniques. I firmly believe #Freedom251 will get smashed by us (Yes, I am one of those Big Billion Day buyers too). And, I have already covered greedy resellers part above.
That’s true isn’t it? Those few soulless politicians will use #Freedom251 in Punjab & Uttar Pradhesh state elections.
A piece by DNA India - raises many questions on the credibility of the company itself. More on DNA. Please go to the URL above.
Well, who doesn’t like to own a power bank? C’mon.
Well, let’s see whether it’s a Mission Possible or another Mission Impossible teaser in this nation with a sensible ‘Censor Board’. And, don’t forget to watch the other teasers named ‘Make In India’, ‘Skill India’, ‘Clean India’, ‘Startup India’ by the ever shining selfie queen Modi. (Sigh, none of my posts conclude without showing my love for him 😂)

Enough said. Thanks for reading.

Now, join hands with me to stop #Freedom251 by sharing this as much as you can in many platforms till it reaches some hearing ‘ears’.

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