Welcoming Natalie Dillon to Susa Ventures

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Aug 14, 2017 · 1 min read

We’re delighted to welcome Natalie to Susa Ventures. She is starting today as a member of our San Francisco-based investing team. She will be working closely with us to source, diligence, and support our family of founders, and we couldn’t be more excited about Natalie being our first-ever investment team hire.

In the process of getting to know Natalie, we were immediately struck by her many wonderful traits. We saw her authenticity when she described her experience at Silicon Valley Bank and her passion for helping founders and building strong relationships in the startup community. We saw Natalie’s work ethic and discipline when she told us about walking on to the Stanford tennis team — a team that claimed two NCAA titles during that period. And when we talked to her colleagues at SVB and Goldman Sachs, they confirmed what we had already assumed: that she always over-delivered and acted with humility.

We’re thrilled to welcome Natalie to our team, as we believe these qualities will make her a great investor. The authenticity to build meaningful, non-transactional relationships with founders and investors; the discipline to manage the always-on, day in and day out execution of helping our companies succeed; and the humility to let founders come first, recognize that entrepreneurship is a team sport, and acknowledge that founders always understand their businesses better than investors.

Please join us in welcoming Natalie to Susa Ventures. Feel free to say hello at natalie@susaventures.com.

Welcome, Natalie!

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