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After the election the laundry

Roll up your sleeves. You aren’t finished.

The election wasn’t everything I hoped but the population of Crazy Town is going to decrease in January. Trump will keep throwing out shiny objects to make sure nobody can keep track of what’s going on.

Jim Acosta’s press pass is revoked.

Sessions is fired.

Caravan? What’s your point? That was merely to keep the racist base entertained. That was yesterday’s shiny object. It’s tinfoil. Toss it in the recycling and we will pull it back out if we need it.

And today in California there was another mass shooting.

Obama used to eulogize the dead. Trump will go golfing. It’s just a few more dead bodies sacrificed on the altar of gun worship. The Aztecs used to sacrifice thousands in a day. 14 dead this week and 11 dead last week are nothing.

Was the shooter wearing his MAGA hat? It hardly matters. All 35 of the last white male shooters who owned a total of 5734 guns were all lone wolves. Maybe they’ll form a support group in prison. “I tell you, you have to aim for center mass. Otherwise, they just get reported is wounded. And the press stops mentioning them after a couple of days.”

An arsenal of 538 guns? Sounds like personal protection of me.

But I digress.

Subpoena power.

That’s the flicker of hope. Let’s take a look at Trump’s tax returns. I’m sure they’re full of all kinds of dicey, barely legal shit the but what I’m hoping is that they show that he’s been lying about how rich he is. That would be delicious. With most of his lies divide by 10 or so to get closer to the truth.

His close associates went to prison for money laundering and bank fraud. I figure that’s what Mueller’s finding. I’m ready for all that to happen. I’m ready for somebody to tell us that the Emporer’s deformed mushroom is hanging out.

Where was I?

The Blue Wave. I knew the Senate was out of reach. I’m glad the polls were right (one time in a row) and the Dems took the house. I’m excited about the success of the down-ballot races. Oklahoma is sending a Democratic representative to the house — Okla-fucking-homa! And Utah — fucking Utah! — legalized pot!

And we gained a bunch of new Democratic governors. That’s going to lift some states out of the Stone Age and get them back on track. Kansas used to be a tidy middle-class state until a string of Republicans turned into a Third World shit hole. With a Democratic governor, they have a chance of climbing out of that hole.

The Blue Wave

The blue wave was not enough to surf all the way back to sanity but it got us to shore. Now we have a lot more work to do. We need to change the conversation away from Trump. The MAGA bomber stole oxygen from the Evil Ebola Caravan invading from South America and pissed off El Presidente. He had to put out a shiny racist ad, promise an instant middle-class tax cut and practically do a striptease on the top of the Capitol Dome to get the focus back on himself. We’re sending 15,000 troops to the border! They’re Muslim terrorists! They’re diseased! Smallpox, I tell you! Smallpox! (It was eradicated in the early 80s? … what’s your point?)

So forward into the fog.

We cannot see even a moment into the future.

The ground will never be solid under our feet but we still have to cross into the future. And we will never arrive. We will always be standing on unsteady ground, unable to see ahead and we still must take one step after another. That is life it doesn’t do any good to wish for it to be some other way.

Someday Taylor Swift will join Lily Langtry in obscurity. Donald Trump will become William Harrison and Bernie Sanders will be Adlai Stevenson.

Somewhere there’s a Pinterest meme that says “You may not finish the work, but you also may not stop working.” Or something like that. It’s grim but true.

We want to make things better and there will always be more better to make. After we get national health care, there will still be homelessness and mass incarceration. There will still be Ted Cruz struggling to convince people he’s a human (the costume is itchy). There will always be work to do.

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