Antifa on the Internet

Let’s black block the internet!

Fight hate speech with more speech

If I were going to move to another country it would probably be New Zealand. If a conservative thinks that America is too liberal and they want to get out, there aren’t any wealthy countries for them to move to because they are all more liberal than the USA. Conservatives are stuck with authoritarian hell holes like Russia or Bulgaria.

If liberals are upset that the USA is getting too conservative, they have an array of choices. New Zealand is high on my list after Canada and Scotland.

So the shooting at the mosque in Christchurch hurt me as if it was in my own town. And it got me thinking.

Fulfilling the expectations of evil is stupid

I hate bigots. Bigotry is a thin skin covering murder and death.

I don’t like the Antifa commitment to meet violence with violence. I understand the impulse. The fascists are violent. All they understand is violence. Therefore it’s easy for fascists — and the press — to imagine that Antifa is as violent as the fascists. They all expect it and Antifa occasionally fulfills their expectations.

Fulfilling the expectations of evil is stupid. Fascists need to be surprised, confused and disrupted. They have an amazing victim narrative. Ask them! They are the ones who are oppressed. It’s bullshit, of course, but all fascist narratives are bullshit. It’s a bullshit movement first, middle and last. It requires enormous amounts of self-deception and lies that they can tell themselves and each other.

So Antifa

Antifa needs to exist to disrupt those lies and expose those deceptions. It needs to blow past the threat of violence and pull off that skin of bigotry to expose the filthy, nasty corruption underneath.

The news has buried the names of the scumbags who shot up the mosque in Christchurch but they have talked about how those creeps were radicalized.

4Chan, 8Chan, etc.

Those places are sewers. The pieces of shit floating by talk about how brown people, Muslims, black people, Mexicans, etc. are evil and white people are their victims.

That is where Antifa needs to go with logic, facts and, especially, shaming. Antifa needs to bust up those chatgroups. They need to seek out those sewers where turds collect and stir them around so they can’t clump up. (I’m enjoying this metaphor way too much!)

The sewers of the internet are where the Christchurch shooters grew their ideas, perfected their plans, and refined their methods. Yeah, Trump’s rhetoric helped and gave them permission. But really, they don’t need permission. If someone is out to destroy you, it’s perfectly acceptable to destroy them first.

If you have been convinced — or convinced yourself — that someone is harming you it makes a twisted kind of sense to harm them back. Or first. Or whatever.

The coming race war?

The Christchurch scumbags believed that they were going to trigger a race war. The alt-right has believed for more than a century that there is a “coming race war” and the next church, synagog, mosque or civil rights march they shoot up will trigger it. It never happens but when you are delusional you aren’t going to notice that.

The fascist work is never done

Once their dream is realized and they have wiped out all the black and brown people in the world they will find another disfavored group. Jews are a perennial favorite. Asians will do. Fascists need enemies in order to exist. That’s why Trump is always trying to scare the hell out of his constituents. Trump’s border wall is pointless in terms of immigration. They’ll just fly to Canada and come in over the northern border. But that wall is a symbol of the fascist dream. It’s a reminder that the enemy is always out there trying to get in and “replace us.”

Therefore Antifascist work is never done.

I’ve heard that fascists and white supremacists almost never congregate in groups anymore. Points to Antifa! But they do still put out their propaganda on flyers and billboards. Antifa needs to cover them up with better ideas.

White supremacists talk their shit on 4chan and 8chan and Reddit. Their “meetings” need to be disrupted. Bomb them with facts and ridicule. Rip off their masks. Expose their bullshit for what it is.

Figure out their Twitter hashtags. Disrupt them. Respond and argue back. Laugh at them. Make funnier memes out of their memes.

Flag their YouTubes as hate speech. YouTube Community Guidelines forbid hate speech and violent speech. Fascism can’t be anything but violent. It’s is a collection of snuff porn fantasies. Bombard message board moderators with complaints.

Do the same with Facebook. YouTube and Facebook are not your friends. They are soulless corporations that must be nagged into enforcing their own guidelines.

The Pen/Keyboard is Mightier than the Sword

Your speech is your weapon

And don’t complain to me about free speech. Hateful fascist ideas are speech and protected, but so is the speech used to destroy these pissants.

Fascist don’t have something to add to the conversation. Their ideas aren’t new. They are the same old 19th-century nonsense could read in any Southern newspaper in 1859. It’s the same “Social Darwinist” stuff you could see in many “science” books in the 1870s. It’s the same crap eugenicists talked about in the 1930s. It’s Mein Kamph and the Final Solution with cell phones.

We are all Antifa

And the work before us all is to drive the fascists into the outer darkness where they can howl at the moon with Alex Jones for company.

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