Dear Donald Trump: Please resign

For once in your life, do the honorable thing

I don’t think that Trump should be impeached. I think he should resign.

There were two charges featured in the Mueller report. Charge #1 was “collusion” which is not defined in law. What they actually investigated was conspiracy. Now given you couldn’t swing a cat in the Trump campaign without knocking over a Russian, there was obviously conspiracy on some level.

Trump knew. I don’t believe he didn’t know.

However, Mafia kingpins never actually shoot anyone. In fact, they rarely even order someone to die. The idea that Mr. X needs to be whacked gets across to the henchpeople and the appropriate whacking takes place.

The people who work for him know what needs to be done and they do it.

That’s how Trump orders the dirty work. He speculates about it aloud. He hints. He fantasizes jokingly. The people who work for him know what needs to be done and they do it. Nobody can come back and pin it on the Don because he didn’t actually order the hit. Loyalty only flows one way. If the henchperson gets caught the Don doesn’t remember who they are.

So conspiracy to rig the election is off the table.

It would be impossible to prove in court. We have to let that one go. Yes, it’s obvious the Russians helped him. It’s obvious that they knew a Trump presidency would damage our nation and our democracy. That’s why they did it. They need us to be weak because they know we can crush them. If the US is weak, distracted and squabbling over trivialities that is to the very great advantage of all our enemies.

But the obstruction charge

The #2 charge Mueller investigated was obstruction. That’s much more credible because Trump committed that crime in front of all of us on numerous occasions. There are a number of witnesses who saw him do it in private. He also blatantly tampered with witnesses on Twitter for all to see. If he was comfortable doing it on Twitter, there are more than likely numerous pieces of evidence that he did it in private.

Pence can pardon him for the credible Federal charges

If Trump resigns, Pence can pardon him for the credible Federal charges of obstruction and witness tampering.

But those other charges

All the bank and tax fraud and money-laundering are Trump’s personal karma, along with the Trump University grift and the charity he ran for his personal benefit. None of that has to do with us. It’s between Trump, Trump’s victims and the State of New York. I’m convinced a bunch of the “redacted” parts of Mueller’s report have to do with Trump’s many criminal enterprises. Once Trump resigns, his legal troubles will make for very entertaining television but won’t be a constitutional crisis.

The fact that Trump is impulsive and undisciplined, that he is unconcerned with whether something is legal — those are big problems for our country. The fact that he ordered people to do illegal things and promised them pardons if they got caught — those things impact our democracy.

The Mueller report tells the story of a man who is utterly corrupt.

It shows us someone who is self-absorbed to the point that almost nobody else exists in his world. Trump’s house is filled with furniture, some of which insists on speaking to him. The report shows us a picture of a man who can dictate but has no concept of leadership. He couldn’t lead a herd of lemmings to the cliff where they want to go anyway.

The report shows us a picture of a man who can dictate but has no concept of leadership.

The value of morality

Sometimes we follow the law because we are afraid of the consequences. Sometimes we follow the law because honesty and truthfulness feel good. We love the fact that the people we care about think we are trustworthy.

We love the fact that people are loyal and loving toward us —not because we can help them get money or career advancement and not because they are afraid of what we might do to them. They are loving and loyal to us because we are truthful, trustworthy, and loyal to them.

Trump is what happens when spoiled children grow up. He’s never had to face any consequences so he doesn’t quite get that breaking the law might cause him problems. Trump appears to believe that morality has no cash value and therefore it has no value at all.

Trump is what happens when spoiled children grow up.

We respect people who deal with us honestly. We will all do business with an honest dealer for years, returning again and again. A dishonest dealer only gets one shot.

That’s why Trump borrows money from Russian gangsters. No reputable lender will work with him. He’s failed to keep his side of the bargain far too many times.

Pelosi is right. Don’t impeach the creep.

So yes, of course, he obstructed justice — sometimes with millions of witnesses. And the House of Representatives could impeach him for that. But then the Senate will refuse to go along with it and the political ballet will be completed, accomplishing nothing.

The people around Trump — his family, his friends, his lawyers — need to start advising him to resign. He’s an accomplished liar. He can pretend to have a stroke or a heart attack. He can pretend his health problems were caused by the unfair and false press coverage.

Resign. You’ll be happy you did!

Trump can retire to an island with no extradition and when he recovers from whatever illness he claims he has, he can start a YouTube channel or a cable network where he can feed his base with whatever poison they’re hungry for.

Trump can start his own reality show called “Yes Mr. President”

The world is laced together by the internet. Trump can start his own reality show called “Yes Mr. President” in which he re-enacts scenes from his presidency — not as they are unfairly reported by witnesses — but as they actually happened in his own reality. It would provide him with the attention he craves.

Meanwhile, the United States of America will have the opportunity to vote for a stable leadership — something we all crave.

(Addendum: Pence, like Trump, is a monster. In fact, Pence is worse because he’s a quiet, sneaky monster. However, I don’t think the White Ghost can win the presidential election and the USA is strong enough to survive 18 months of him.)

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