So you want war with Russia, right?
Rod Sanders

You brought Dubya, Stalin and the USSR into the conversation for what? Conflation?

I was pointing out that GWB was NOTHING like Stalin, the USSR and Putin and that the CIA, bad as it is, is NOTHING like the KGB. The CIA does not routinely torture and murder American citizens who criticize the government. Even now, if you criticize Trump (or even Obama!) the CIA won’t kick in your door in the middle of the night. The worst that will happen is someone will write a nasty Tweet about you.

Your argument about needing population growth is just silly.

Yeah, you have anything to back that up? Everything I said is true. If you disagree, prove me wrong, or point me to a link.

You also have no insight into Trump’s morality

Seriously!?!? Seriously. ROFL!!! President Pussy-Grabber hasn’t given us a view of his morality? The man isn’t even a liar. In order to be a liar you must care about the truth. He’s a bullshitter. “​I am going to take care of everybody. I don’t care if it costs me votes or not,” Trump said. He added: “​The government’s gonna pay for it.” Children of three knew that was false because no elected Republican would do that in a million years. Did you believe him? I certainly hope not.

The entire point of my article was that I most certainly did not care about Hillary. I did vote for her. I knew she would be a lackluster president, but Trump was unthinkable and Sanders wasn’t an option. She was the best offer on the table.

If you want to continue to chat I will be happy to do it. I seldom run into people who are willing to defend Trump’s morality. Usually people just try to explain it away or just start calling names. I am delighted that you have done neither.

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