Late-stage Trump

You can’t swing a cat without knocking over Russian

We already know that you can’t look anywhere in Trump’s orbit without finding a Russian under the couch cushions. So much of what he has done and was doing has been pretty blatant, but we have to keep in mind that Trump didn’t think he was going to win. If he had lost, all would be well. But he didn’t lose. And that will be his undoing.

There are lots of powerful things you can do when you run a big corporation. You can hire and fire at a whim. To Trump “President” probably sounded like a lateral career move.

He was wrong.

“Most Powerful Man on Earth”

Presidents can’t hire and fire at will. There are all kinds of constitutional things Donald didn’t know about. Laws and stuff. Who knew? The congress is allowed to butt into his decisions! And they won’t always do what he tells them to do!

Donald J. Trump has never had a job. He’s never had a boss to please. When he won the presidency, overnight he went from Captain of the Universe to an employee. A few months later he was drawing a salary like every other government working stiff. I’m sure it was a shock when he found that out. All he could hear was “Most Powerful Man on Earth” — which is true, don’t get me wrong — it just doesn’t mean what he thought it meant.

And then the cops come to the door

James Comey — whatever you think of him — is a cop. Comey recognizes a criminal when he sees one. He may be a great cop but he’s a lousy actor. I have a feeling “you are a criminal” was written all over his face at that first meeting in Trump Tower.

Trump has almost certainly seen that “you are a criminal” look many, many times. It’s meaningless other than he may need to arrange a payoff or call his lawyers.

It’s completely different from the look he gets when he’s found a mark.

The hunger, the greed, the excitement

The people who are ripe to be recruited get a look of excitement. You can almost hear their heart flutter. Some people are so impressed by wealth and so hungry for it they can be seduced into doing things they would never do otherwise. Trump surrounds himself with those people. The smart ones get wealthy, the dim ones get used. But the look in the eyes is the same.

James Comey must have looked at Trump with none of that. He was stone-faced and biting his tongue to keep from saying “you have a right to remain silent…”.

He knows a crime boss when he sees one.

There’s no collusion and it’s all a witch hunt

But everywhere you turn, there are Russians. Spies collect assets using “MICE.” It stands for “Money, Ideology, Blackmail (Compromising information), and Ego. Trump’s only ideology is himself. Trump would have been hard to blackmail because he had nothing to hide. That is, until November 8, 2016. Then all of a sudden he had a closet full of skeletons the size of Trump Tower.

First and last — Money and Ego — he has aplenty. Those will be the only words needed on his tombstone. All the Russians needed to do was massage his ego and offer him “deals.” None of that is a problem — unless you get elected to the presidency of the United States of America.

The delicious ironic twist

I’m not a fan of James Comey. He’s a Republican. He knew he was helping Trump get elected when he reopened the investigation into Hillary’s emails. His stated reasons for doing it are strangely incoherent and garbled for someone who usually speaks so clearly and precisely. So I’m sure he was pleased with himself when he was going up in the elevator for that first meeting with the president-elect.

When he met Trump in person he realized what a huge mistake he’d made. “Lordy, I hope there are tapes,” he cried.

Yeah, me too. For all our sakes.


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