Taxing the rich at gunpoint

Or paying the bills

A libertarianoid raging against Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex and her 70% tax rate on the 1% said in a podcast/youtube:

“[AOC and the left think] Your labor and your property aren’t really yours,” he said. “Some philosopher king will put it to better use than you will. It’s a philosophy that I can take what you earn at gunpoint and use it for the greater good … What if I broke into your DC apartment, stole your fancy clothes and gave them to Goodwill? … What if I stole your … car and donate it to cars for kids? Is that morally right? etc. etc. … (you get the idea). That’s just like taxation!

Any libertarian has that rant so thoroughly memorized they could wake up in the middle of the night under ten feet of water and babble it out flawlessly.

The truth is that schools, roads, 911, the police, the military, the Coast Guard — you are using that shit every day if your life.

And that shit ain’t free.

And, yes, if you don’t pay for the stuff you use, eventually someone will get upset with you and with the assistance of state violence, they will compel you to pay. If you bought some of AOC’S “fancy” clothes and she refused to pay you, you can ask the state to help you to compel her to pay. You can’t just walk into her house with a gun. There will need to be forms filled out that detail the exact amounts of money owed, formal requests for payment, replies, hearings, judicial rulings, and so forth before the guys with the guns show up at her door. We aren’t barbarians.

Taxation is not theft

Yes, she wants 70% (or 60%) of your second 10 million. And if you aren’t smart enough to scrape by on 13 million a year you probably aren’t smart enough to earn it.

And it violates the morality of most people that some people have 8 mansions when there are children in Alabama who have never seen a doctor. That’s the emotional argument the left usually uses but it’s just barely relevant. Only a tiny fraction of government robs from the rich and gives to the poor. Mostly it does things in the background that you never think of, take completely for granted, and might die without.

Elizabeth Warren wants a 2% wealth tax on accumulated wealth over 1 billion. I’m good with that. It won’t drag Warren Buffett out of the one-tenth of 1% down into the 1/2 of 1% range, but it might give millions of kids free college. Warren Buffet will benefit from that and so will you.

Government isn’t free

The recent shutdown has shown us that the government performs vital functions invisibly, without fanfare, and without our knowledge.

We are all used to buying a bag of pre-washed salad at the grocery store without a single thought that it might put you in the hospital or the grave. The government works to make sure you don’t have to worry about it. If you get on a plane, someone from the government (probably dozens of someones) has ensured that you get home safely and don’t die in a fiery crash.

You’re welcome.

I recently found out that the government pays not just the salaries of the FBI agents (I knew about that part) but also their informants. No pay, no information.

Holy crap.

They never said. I never knew.

I want those things in place and working and they can have 25% of my income to pay for it. If I am not alive I won’t be spending that money anyway.

So the libertarianoids who think taxation is immoral can gang together and buy an island somewhere. I like my peaceful, orderly, safe, clean life. It takes millions of people and billions of dollars to pay for it so I’m happy to send my contribution to

If you don’t, the bill will eventually come due. Someone may eventually kick in your door. You better hope it’s the Feds. They are bound around with regulations, rules, laws, and procedures and will operate in a very specified way. If you shoot at them, they will blow your head off. But if you come quietly you will have all kinds of rights and protections.

A real thief kicking in your door to steal 25% of your money isn’t going to be bothered with all that regulation/rule stuff.

You might want to call 911. Go ahead. It’s paid for.


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