You Can Have Single-Payer When You Pry It From The Oligarchy’s Cold, Dead Hands
Caitlin Johnstone

The big problem with revolutions, is who is in charge the day after it’s over?

Are people who are good at revolution-ing good at governing? They take vastly different skill sets. And that is very worrying.

The day after the revolution, everyone with skill at governing a country of 350 million people would presumably be out of a job.

The day after the revolution, the waitresses at IHOP will still be waitresses, still making $2.25 an hour plus tips.

The day after the revolution Jeff Bezos will still be a billionaire and will still own Amazon and the Washington Post.

I think the revolution may never happen because people probably don’t want to live in the post-revolution world.

We currently have a president who can’t drive a government, who forgets to steer if he gets distracted by Twitter. After the revolution the government would be that by a 1000%.

I feel your pain and I’m mostly along side you, but no thanks to all that.

We may have a lot more billionaires than other countries but their numbers are irrelevant. They can only vote 1 time each. Lots of countries have far more freedom, safety and social mobility than we do and they have billionaires too.

And if you don’t let rich people be rich, they often become evil. We don’t want that.

The waitresses at IHOP and I don’t really care if there are some people who have unimaginable pots of money. We want to pay our bills with enough left over at the end of the month for a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of wine. That’s enough, thank you.

That dream has been achieved for millions of people around the world and it is achievable here in the USA, too.

Without a revolution.

Forget revolution. Be loud and proud about how you want the world to work and advocate for it. The democratization of information (such as your wonderful work!) will be what turns the tide.

Rich people can afford full-time lobbyists but not tens of thousands of them. They can flood the TV with ads but that’s only network television and fewer people watch that every year. I haven’t seen a political ad in years because the internet is my television. This is true of my entire extended family. Cable is slowly becoming irrelevant. Who wants to pay $250 a month for cable when YouTube Red is $10?

That is real power.

Marx believed that the aristocratic system would never die without violence. He was resoundingly wrong. The new capitalism-based feudalism will die without violence also because true power doesn’t lie with the oligarchs.