Yawn. Once I had read page 34 of the case file on Arkansas v Taylor 1975, one of the most…
Ron Collins

Once I had read page 34 of the case file on Arkansas v Taylor 1975, one of the most terrifying documentations

yawn, indeed! That is an dead ordinary case file of an accused rapist who Clinton represented when she was just barely out of law school. Page 34 is a summary of the defense. I couldn’t find anything in it that was terrifying. Everyone accused of a crime is entitled to a defense. Every rape trial in the country — thousands and thousands of them — has a document virtually identical to the dreaded p. 34. The accused eventually pleaded guilty to a lesser crime and went to jail for a year. That happens in about 95% of all criminal cases.

our author here will re-work everything I just typed into some neanderthal vision

Never. Attacking YOU would be a waste of my time. I only attack arguments. The reason I talked about “libertarian-ish” is because conservative politicians are libertarian when it’s convenient and not when it’s not. Rand Paul and Paul Ryan both worship at the feet. I have read Ayn Rand. She is brilliant. And wrong.

But the stopping of Hillary…

as I pointed out, if she were president, Hillary wouldn’t be appointing a moron to the Department of Energy. They guard our nukes, for crying out loud.

I didn’t want to vote for Hillary either. But that’s now water under the bridge. Hillary is history.

Liberals need to turn and focus on the list in my original article.

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