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Clearly, you are a victim of Deep State propaganda.

You are forcing me to roll my eyes. I read Fox News and Red State newsletters. I insist on listening to all sides. Nobody knows what “deep state” means but I’m sure it did well in the focus groups.

I think Putin will harm us any way he can because I remember the Cold War and so does he. He’s former KGB and is a vicious dictator like all the Commissars and Tsars before him. He views the US as being out of control and he is correct. He thought Trump would become a dictator. He is mistaken.

Many immigrants today actively oppose assimilation.

That argument is more than 100 years old.

Deep State attacks on Trump serve to weaken his opposition to the Neocon agenda

Eventually Trump will realize that if he starts a war, everyone will get off his back. It worked beautifully for GWB. He’s pretty dumb and I hope he doesn’t think of it. But if he does he will start a war in a heartbeat because his personal morality would make a hyena blush. He is not your friend.

I am very familiar with Ranked Choice Voting and it sounds like it would work very well. I would also like to see Congresspeople on the federal level elected “at large” instead of representing districts. That would remove the temptation to gerrymander. And I wouldn’t mind in the least switching to a Parliamentary system like every other democracy in the world. It encourages negotiation and coalition building and man, oh, man, do we need that these days!

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