)’( Burning Man Sex Prep

What happens on the Playa…

Heads up! It’s coming up on 90-days until Burning Man. And if you’re already fantasizing about the hot sex you’re hoping to have on the Playa then read on…

Let’s start with generally monogamous couples who are thinking they might want to get a few RV’s rocking with some sexy friends. Monogamish couples or singles who can abstain from sex with additional partners for the next 90-days have a competitive edge on sexual health, safety and fun at Burning Man. Here’s how.

)’( <== This is the symbol for Burning Man. Cute, huh?

Turn Friends Into Lovers



Plan ahead to get a full battery of STI tests before hitting the Playa. BUT with a twist. A 90-day waiting period before your tests to make sure your body has time to incubate anything you’ve recently caught.

If you’ve had oral or anal sex or penis-in-vagina sex — even with a condom — you still need to give your body 3 months to let some of the potential STI’s show up in testing.

If you DO NOT want to get STI’s and you do want to have very safe sex then follow this formula:

Get a full battery of STI (Sexually Transmitted Infections) Tests just before Burning Man. Leave enough time for the lab results to come back — probably two weeks is safe.

Chalmydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Hepatitis A, B & C, Genital Herpes, HIV, Tricomoniasis and Lyme Disease.

Be safe get tested!


Then when you arrive on the Playa decked out in your sexy-assed costume, if you meet someone, you have your test results… And you’ve been monogamous or celibate for enough of an incubation period that you are safe from transmitting anything except what shows up on your tests, such as herpes.

You are about as safe as it gets in the world of safe sexual partners.

If there are some people going to Burning Man you are thinking about having sex with, talk to them ahead of time. Mention your potential interest and this 90-day incubation and testing plan to them in the next few weeks. See if they might also want to follow the formula: three months of monogamy with existing partners who all stay monogamous too… and then a full battery of STI tests just before you go to Burning Man.

You all arrive freshly tested after the incubation period for STI’s. Then you can be fluid-bonded. Note, you will need to use contraceptive protection (birth control) if you could get pregnant. I recommend the IUD (Intra-Uterine Device) for fluid-bonded contraception.


What is “fluid-bonded?” It means that you can have wet sex with any partners you want to who’ve “screened in.” Have sex with others only with prior consent of all their and your other partners.

Wet sex means sex without barriers such as male and female condoms. You can go down on them, have penetration, squirt your fluids on each other…

When you become part of a fluid-bonded group it’s called, “screening in.” Screening in to the fluid-bonded group means everyone in it has gone through a monogamous or celibate 90-day period leading up to Burning Man and all those with whom they and you have been monogamous get tested.

As long as everyone in that group — it could be two couples, four couples, a couple and a single or two, even a larger group who is well-organized — uses their adult pre-frontal cortex to prepare ahead for safe sex to happen… Instead of just getting drunk and having sex you regret later…

It’s safe to go down on these screened-in partners who’ve done the 3 month wait and gotten tested. It’s safe to have penetration. With a fluid-bonded agreement, if you don’t want to use condoms or other barriers you don’t need to, especially if you’re on the pill or an IUD. (I recommend the new style of IUD’s.)

If you review all the test results and have a sexual history and sexual boundaries conversation… And it’s safe if they haven’t been with anyone outside the 90-day tested group… And you have contraception if required… Then you can relax and enjoy yourselves. You can relax into your pleasure together knowing they are grown ups who are willing to do what it takes to be safe and sexy.


I suggest bringing extra copies of your paperwork. And once you have sex with anyone outside the screening group, you are no longer able to have unprotected sex with those IN the screened group. So either stay within your group or choose wisely if you’re going to forfeit your all-access pass to the tested and exclusive group.


If you’re single and feel condoms are adequate for your level of risk, that’s an acceptable practice. Follow the three steps to safe sex. You can simply have a sexual history talk, discuss your sexual boundaries, do a visual examination of their genitals and decide if you want to take the risks associated with using on a condom. That’s your option to being exclusive and going through a 90-day waiting period before both getting tested.

The last thing most monogamish couples want is for one partner to get syphilis or chlamydia or Lyme disease. That’s right. There are some who are concerned that Lyme is also a sexually transmitted disease. So between the parasites, bacteria, viruses, mites, protozoa and other nasty afflictions you can get from sex… along with Playa dust up your coochie… Think ahead and talking to partners you might end up wanting to have a little make out with, or do some sensual explorations…

The worst case is they won’t want to screen in.

Their loss! You’re a sexy, courageous, grown up.

If you show up on the Playa with a clean bill of sexual health, your biggest issue won’t be having sex, it will be making sure you can find someone with as pristine a record as you!

Safe Is The New Sexy!

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