My Apple Watch almost one year on
Dave Winer ☮

It’s kismet that as I was putting my jewelry away today I was looking at all the watches I don’t wear anymore and pondering my Apple Watch.

Truth be told, if I wore my glasses all the time I’d get more use out of it. The screen is just too tiny for quick glances.

I have been wearing it off an on for almost a year now, trying to ascertain the Apple watch’s benefits.

If I had this 15 years ago when I was doing 100,000 fly miles, fielding calls all day and needing to be punctual, I would get my use out of it.

These days I am using it more for the activity feature — making me stand up and hop around every hour or so or cranking up my stand up desk.

I’m wearing less jewelry, work from my homes, and have 90% of my time unscheduled to work and live as I wish.

Plus I like to accessorize my jewelry with my outfits and have only a silver watch.

The watch also makes me feel like a tech slave — a role I demurred a decade ago for the sweat equity in my own mission business.

Thanks for raising the question, Dave. I’ve been enjoying your Medium posts.

Considering bringing Personal Life Media onto the platform.

Sending love, sparkles, diamond, gold and hopping arounds. ;)