Essure — Who is responsible for the e-hell???

The ACOG states a 2016 Legislative Priority as being, “Protect the Physician-Patient Relationship”… Oppose state and federal interference in the patient-physician relationship. This is code for DON’T INTERFERE with our current practice of (lack of) consent.

The “Essure problem” is NOT just a Conceptus/Bayer/FDA issue…. but also an ACOG issue (American College/Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists).

It isn’t Conceptus, Bayer or the FDA who physically inserts the Essure medical devise into women, but ACOG OBGYNs. It is they who were (are) directly involved in the consent / research / development / performing / reporting of procedures/studies.

It is the ACOG and their members who promotes this product, profits from it’s sale (and profits from the sequel the device creates). The ACOG and their members are the primary perpetrators in this cycle of abuse and the batteries which are being committed.

The ACOG core vales are stated as being “the advancement of women’s health care (and the betterment of our membership)” valuing “safe health care” for women. As an organization of physicians they are first and foremost obligated to place patients’ welfare above their own self-interest and above obligations to other groups, and to advocate for their patients’ welfare.

As their patient base is comprised primarily of women (a “vulnerable population”) all OBGYNs have an additional duty to protect the health and warfare of females in ALL aspects of their practice and study. In the case with Essure, in studies and practice, women of child-bearing “potential” are considered vulnerable because of the risks to their unborn children. Problems occur due to issues of (lack of) consent as women are vulnerable to manipulation and persuasion in both research and practice.

The ACOG and their members are to “protect” women and to have their patients best interest in mind… but they don’t. They could take a stand and stop this e-insanity… but they don’t.

The truth is, the ACOG is NOT in place to protect women… but in place to protect its members (obgyns….). They operate in the same manner as the FDA is protecting companies who make medical devices and drugs…. Think of Jimmy Hoffa and the labor unions. The ACOG is like a union for OBGYNs. They pay dues (memberships fees). In return they are protected and the ACOG lobbies members of congress in Washington to keep it that way.

The ACOG is quietly lobbying the FDA and Congress to vote “NO” for a recall of Essure or the passage of the E-Free Act.

The ACOG doesn’t want Essure to go away.

The ACOG states one 2016 Legislative Priority as being, “Protect the Physician-Patient Relationship”Oppose state and federal interference in the patient-physician relationship.

This is code for DON’T let Congress interfere with our current practice of (lack of) consent.

Other doctors don’t really know the full scope of what goes on within the ACOG/OBGYN practice. Look what happened with Dr. Hooman and Dr. Reed. The reason I mention them is to make a point that other doctors across the board in ALL fields of medicine are NOT fully aware of the horrendous abuses and crimes occurring today in women’s health… what the “racket” is. This is because there is a strong “code of silence” and a “conspiracy of silence” within the ACOG and their members. If you break the code, you’re attacked. Look at what happened to Dr. Hufnagel. Rule #1, don’t speak out or expose the crimes and abuses you see occurring or you will be retaliated against, blacklisted and professionally attacked (or worse).

The ACOG has the power to stop the insanity, just the FDA does, but they don’t because too many people are making $$$ and it’s highly profitable. Never mind the issues of no consent and physical batteries occurring. They profit when women undergo female sterilization (all types) and they make more money when women return to them with post sterilization syndrome. This occurs with ALL sterilizations… but with Essure they hit the jackpot!

The ACOG is just as responsible for the Essure problems and mayhem that is occurring as is Conceptus, Bayer, and the FDA. They play a pivotal role in it’s history, existence and use.

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