How Tubal Ligation, Salpingectomy,
Clips and Essure are alike:

Susan Bucher, BSN
Feb 12, 2016 · 4 min read

Tubal ligation, clips, and Essure permanent birth control are all considered to be “elective”.

Tubal ligation, salpingectomy, clips, and Essure permanent birth control are all considered to be “elective” and require “informed consent”.

They all can cause post sterilization syndrome, pain, bleeding, menstrual disorders, hypo ovarian function, decreased hormones, and total loss of ovarian function.

OBGYNs often prescribe the “Pill” to women AFTER they are sterilized without first hormone testing. The only way to know if a woman has a hormonal imbalance is to be hormone tested. If hormones are needed, other hormone treatments are more appropriate and safer then the pill. The ACOG and all OBGYNs know this. The birth control pill is designed for young women with normal hormone production (and normal hormone levels) to prevent pregnancy…. NOT as hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for a woman depleted of hormones. Taking the birth control pill puts a woman at risk of stroking out. This risk increases with age, smoking, and high blood pressure. Post sterilized women are also sometimes given a hormonal IUD. Hormonal IUDs also carry risks such as heavy bleeding, severe cramping and vaginal inflammation.

Crimes of “Omission” occur by OBGYNs during sterilization consent and follow-up care which creates a Cycle of Abuse.

For more information visit

Self Order Lab Testing (direct to the customer) *No Doctor Orders Required

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