Withholding information is a crime of “omission” which invalidates consent. Women then become victims of “battery” at the time of their sterilization ~Dr. V.G. Hufnagel

How Women who are Sold Essure, Filshie Clips or Tubal Ligation Become Victims of “Medical Battery”

For almost a century women and the general public have literally been kept in the dark about known negative side effects of traditional female sterilization (tubal ligation via laparotomy or laparoscopy). Recently (since 2002) women have under duress been sold a permanent birth control device (Essure) which is even more harmful and has even more negative side effects then traditional tubal ligation.

When it is understood that negative information regarding sterilization is routinely and systemically withheld in order to compel women to undergo (any type of) sterilization it becomes evident that all consents are given under false pretenses.

When there is fraud or misinformation during education and consent to sterilization the entire consent becomes invalid.

Without valid consent, physical battery and “medical battery” transpires when the sterilization occurs.

How did we get here?

The problems and abuses that surround Essure and tubal ligation (TL) today in 2016 originate from eugenics, population control, greed, covert government programs (compulsory sterilization), the code of silence, propaganda, and lack of informed consent.

Consent is key at the top because withholding information constitutes forced (fraudulent) consent which all accounts (figuratively and legally) is battery.

The primary focus here is women’s health, women’s rights, informed consent, and how the lack of consent equates to physical battery and medical battery.

Women have a right, “not to be alienated from her sexual and reproductive capacity (e.g., through coerced sex or marriage, prostitution, female ‘circumcision,’ denial of access to birth control, sterilization without informed consent, prohibitions on homo sexuality), and to her right to the integrity of her physical person (e.g., freedom from sexual violence, from false imprisonment in the home, from unsafe contraceptive methods, from unwanted pregnancies or coerced childbearing, from unwanted medical interventions).”

Informed Consent or Forced Sterilization? Does anyone really give true “consent”???

For consent to be valid a patient must have

  • it must be voluntarily given
  • there should be no duress
  • information regarding risks, benefits, side-effects and alternatives must be given so that the patient is able to make an informed decision as to whether or not to proceed with treatment
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In Texas, informed consent for sterilization is listed on their “A” list which “requires full and specific disclosure”.

The required disclosure for tubal sterilization are:
A — Injury to the bowel and/or bladder
B — Sterility
C — Failure to obtain fertility
D — Failure to obtain sterility
E — Loss of ovarian functions or hormone production from ovary(ies).

These disclosures are NOT printed on the informed consent, but left to the “contractors” who perform the procedure to disclosure to the women. This creates conflict for these doctors who are governed by and operate under a code of silence. In Texas women are not informed of the risk of losing ovarian function.

Self Order Lab Testing (direct to the customer) *No Doctor Orders Required

Side Effects to Female Sterilization

The medical community has known since the 1930’s that tubal ligation can result in female castration (loss of ovarian function and menopause).

Female sterilization can cause negative iatrogenic side effects known by the OBGYN medical community as post tubal ligation syndrome (PTLS) or post sterilization syndrome. These side effects can be physical or hormonal in nature and include bleeding, hydrosalpinx, pelvic pain and loss of ovarian function. When a medical device is used such as Filshie clips or Essure, there is added risk the medical device(s) can migrate and / or cause severe inflammatory / allergic reactions to the silicone, pet fibers, and nickel which is found in these devices. Physical and hormonal health changes can cause mental health to be affected causing loss of libido, memory loss, depression, anger and rage.

The ACOG and their OBGYN members know that when tubal ligation surgeries and ESSURE sterilizations are performed that many of the women will fall prey to negative side effects. Many women will require second and third surgeries such as ablations (dilation and curettage), salpingectomy and hysterectomy because of the iatrogenic side effects from their sterilization. This in turn creates a cycle of abuse surrounding all types of female sterilization.

Physicians are required by law to inform and advise patients about the consequences and risks of medical procedures and devices used. For elective surgery this means even remote risk (statistics are irrelevant).

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Doctors and organizations who state there are no negative physical or hormonal side effects to tubal ligation and other forms of female sterilization are committing intentional fraud and misrepresentation. Withholding information constitutes forced (fraudulent) consent which in all accounts (figuratively and legally) is battery.

Female Sterilization, Birth Control and Population Control - Who Really Profits?

Do not confuse “birth control” with “population control”. While the terms may sound similar they are very different. Birth control is what women and men practice on their own as their own free will. Population control (the modern term for eugenics) is what world governments’ practice (often using covert tactics and propaganda).

Financially doctors profit from selling and performing sterilizations but others profit as well (hospitals, surgical tool/medical device manufactures, and even world governments).

Eugenics and “population control” programs laid the foundation and created “policy” for omissions and consent abuses to occur today.

For more then a century “sterilization of the masses” has been the focus of eugenic and government population control programs and the primary target of these programs has been women.

The early Eugenic movement was supported and funded by the rich elite (Rockefeller, Ford, Carnegie, Harriman, Kellogg, etc). The US government picked up where the early eugenic programs left off and created “official policy”. All need to understand what the historic 1974 National Security Study Memorandum 200 — Kissinger Report is. The policy gives “paramount importance” to population control measures and the promotion of contraception.

This (once classified) memorandum has been the core of US homeland and ‘foreign policy’ for the past 40 years, and

it remains in force today.

Synergy with OBGYNS

The United States does not have a public state mandated “one child policy” such as China does where authorities raid homes of women and force sterilization, abortion, and torture. In the U.S. the policy is covert, governed by a “code of silence” and

the family planning police is our trusted OBGYN’s.

In the U.S. it is OBGYNs who are on the front lines and leads the battle to sterilize 25% (or more) of all women.

It is OBGYNs who are commissioned with providing information (which they withhold) and obtaining informed consent.

It is OBGYNs who commit batteries by withholding information knowingly then perform the sterilizations.

Female Sterilization Today in 2016: Ongoing Abuses, Batteries & Crimes of “Omisson”…

  • Not informing of all the risks of female sterilization by those who have a duty to do so (OBGYNs). Key information which is withheld includes risk of castration (ovarian failure) and increased risk for hysterectomy. This omission by physicians is an obvious “breach of the duty of disclosure” and a criminal act of battery at the time of sterilization.
  • Women being given consents to sign during labor.
  • Filshie Clips being placed without consent or knowledge. Many women believe they are going to have their tubes “cut and tied” to find out (sometimes years later) that a medical device was placed within their body. Not informing women that Filshie Clips can come dislodged, migrate (and lodge in other parts of her body), and even be expelled vaginally.

It is customary for physicians to in advance discuss and inform a patient how an elective procedure will be performed and if a medical device will be left in place.

If the doctor plans to use (or if there is any remote possibility the doctor will use) “Filshe Clips” (a medical device which will be left in the patients body), this must be disclosed to the patient in advance when consulting for sterilization. The omission to inform is an obvious breach of the “duty of disclosure” and a criminal act of battery when the device is placed.

The following is an example of what some women have reported concerning the omission of information and placement of Filshie Clips.

S.B.: I would like to open a dialogue for women who found out months afterward that they had Filshie Clips placed and didn’t know it.

M.V.: This X-ray was 9 months after my Tubal Ligation which I had done for pelvic pain. This x-ray came back “normal” by the way… 2 1/2 years later; I requested all of my X-rays, CTs, MRI, anything that I had only to find this (that clips were placed without my knowledge). During surgery to remove the clamps, one clamp had been found embedded into tissue in my lower stomach.

M.H.: I had clips placed and didn’t know until I went back for my 6 week check up. I thought I was cut tied and burned which is what I had discussed with my doctor at our first visit.
S.S.: I didn’t know either!! They gave me a pic after surgery and I was so mad!!
D.P.: I had no clue until three months after my surgery.
A.B.: Didn’t know til my six week check up!! Thought I (had a) regular tubal.
M.K.: I had no idea either until afterwards. I thought they were cut and tied.
S.B.: I had no idea about mine until I asked for surgery report
S.S.: So many of us were not told!!
M.T. : I was told I would be cut tied and burned until I got my surgery report 4 months later
A.W.: I didn’t know I had the Filshie Clips until 3 years after my TL. I was told it would be a regular cut, tie & burn. I never had any notice of metal being placed in me, and no testing afterwards to see if it worked. I found out due to an x-ray where the tech asked if I was wearing pants because the “zipper” was in the way. I told them I wasn’t and they said that I had some weird metal in me. I requested my operative report after. During my cyst removal they found some floating around in my abdomen.
N.F.: Didn’t know I had Filshie clips until getting my report almost 2 years after, I thought I was being cut, tied and burned….
G.B.: I didn’t find out that I had Filshie clips till 2 yrs ago. How’s that for things?
M.C.: I also was not aware of the clips being put in. I was under the impression that they were doing a cutting and burning of the tubes ..was not told until I was in recovery. I have spoke to 2 different OBGYN gynos. Neither will reverse and says my issues are not caused by the clips…LIES! Never had these problems before and they only get worse.

Women Unaware They are Victims of Crime

When learning that information was (and is) withheld from them, women in the USA today do not immediately equate this to having been a victim of physical assault and battery nor completely understand that they were forcibly sterilized because they were not carried away forcibly to the operating table kicking and screaming. Women in the USA are led to the operating table for sterilization with a metaphoric blindfold on; placed upon them by their obgyn caregiver(s) using omission.

Women are not informed of the risks before, nor are they informed afterwards when they return to the same doctors complaining of a change in their health. Afterwards women are told that their sterilization had no bearing on their change of health status (pelvic pain, hot flashes, irregular cycles, missed cycles, etc…). Physicians continue with more omissions with statements that sterilizations don’t cause such conditions and decline to diagnose or medically treat women appropriately after sterilization. This is inline with the code of silence which governs sterilizations and in turn imprisons women (physically and mentally) within their iatrogenic condition causing further abuses and batteries.

Denial of diagnosis (determining cause of pain/symptoms, testing for hormonal imbalance, etc…) and denial of treatment (relief from pain, providing appropriate hormone replacement [not just giving the “pill”]) involves the act of omission and is a criminal act of battery.

Become empowered!
Obtain your own personal Medical Review or Legal Prereview from Dr. Vikki Hufnagel and Speak out!

OBGYNs not informing women of known risks before sterilization and not diagnosing women or treating them for conditions created by the sterilization afterwords are both crimes of omission (failure to act) and is grounds for criminal liability. ~

Dr. Vikki Hufnagel, MD

These batteries all occur in secret behind closed doors covertly in doctors examining rooms and in hospital operation rooms.

The batteries do not leave outwardly signs of broken bones and bruises to the face and body that husbands and the public can view, but is all internal which adds to the surreptitiousness of the abuse, batteries and harm.

“Withholding information from women regarding negative side effects to female sterilization a misogynistic and barbaric practice. It as barbaric as female genital mutilation (FGM) as both relate to physical battery.” ~ Susan Bucher, BSN

The Coalition for Post Tubal Ligation Women (CPTwomen) fully supports ASHES Advocating Safety in Healthcare E-Sisters, Representative Michael G. Fitzpatrick and the “E–Free Act”… but MORE is needed.

Medical abuses and batteries on the female community are occurring across the board and continues today under a heavily cloaked veil of secrecy.

What is needed is laws which protect women from medical abuse and battery, informed consent laws and as well as a stop to Essure.

The World Health Organization (WHO), along with OHCHR, UN Women, UNAIDS, UNDP, UNFPA, and UNICEF, has issued an interagency statement on Eliminating forced, coercive and otherwise involuntary sterilization.

The following are just a few of their recommendations (starting on page 19):

  • When counseling about sterilization, provide accessible information on the risks and benefits of the procedure, its consequences and alternatives, in ways that respect the autonomy.
  • Ensure that any procedures undertaken are performed based on the full, free and informed decision-making of the individuals themselves. Ensure that health-care providers do not pressure individuals to use a particular method of contraception. A provider must respect the individual’s informed choice, regardless of the provider’s recommendations.
  • As sterilization for the prevention of future pregnancy is not a matter of medical emergency, ensure that the procedure is not undertaken, and consent is not sought, when women may be vulnerable and unable to make a fully informed decision, such as when requesting termination of pregnancy, or during labor, or in the immediate aftermath of delivery.
  • Recognize past or present policies, patterns or practices of coercive sterilization, and issue statements of regret or apology to victims, as components of the right to remedy for these practices.
  • Provide notification, through appropriate and humane means, to people who have been subjected to coercive sterilization, and who may be unaware of their situation, and provide information on the possibility of seeking administrative and judicial redress.

All women, regardless of nationality or race, regardless if they have been sterilized or not, and if sterilized regardless of the type of their sterilization need to unite and work together to end and stop this abuse. This abuse isn’t black or white and is not solely a tubal ligation or Essure issue.

Informed consent affects all women and laws need to be put in place now to protect our sisters, daughters, and granddaughters.

For more information about these issues and to become more empowered:

Women’s Health Rights Activist ~ Public Speaker ~ Author

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