Selflessly Giving Forward

How ShelterBox is already prepared before the next disaster hits.

It’s a hard concept to explain to people sometimes. They watch a terrible, massive disaster on the news and immediately want to help. They are inspired to act. They want to help THAT particular tragedy.

Here’s the problem. When a huge disaster strikes, victims need help THAT day, not in three weeks. That would be the minimum time it would take to wait for donations to trickle in, then buy life-saving supplies and get them delivered across the country or the world to people in need. There’s no way possible to assemble the incredible, essential aid rushed to emergencies by ShelterBox in 48 hours or less without the selfless donors who gave BEFORE it was needed.

ShelterBox was there helping the people of Haiti in 2010 after the devastating earthquake, proving shelter, water filtration, tools and more. There are still Haitians living in their durable, waterproof ShelterBox tents five years later, even though the hope was they would be in homes by now. But at least they are protected and still have critical shelter.

So the next time you see a terrible earthquake or hurricane or other destructive event that affects hundreds or thousands of families, know that it was someone who gave ahead that is the real hero. Paying it forward enables groups like ShelterBox provide immediate aid. Those funds helped this charity tirelessly assemble boxes and kits ahead of the emergency, just in case.

When and where will the next disaster hit? ShelterBox does not know, but they will be ready. Please help today for someone who will lose everything tomorrow.

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