What’s all the stress about?

A message from my dog…

I see people all around me starting to stress about the holidays and I want to remind them all to just sit back, find an old blanket and relax. There’s not a whole lot to do really except hold your urine until someone opens the back door or takes you out. You also have to sometimes hint pretty hard and roll around on your back to get a decent belly rub. Other than that, there’s no real reason to stress, unless the FedEx guy looks threatening and then you should stand at the window and yell/bark your head off. I hope you find these tips helpful.
Now someone please get this ridiculous outfit off me…it’s clearly too tight. Mom went back to work and took our three-mile jogs with her. Now I get whisked around the block for a mile at some insane, crack-of-dawn hour. But who am I to complain. At least I am not expected to send out 50 greeting cards and wrap and mail a bunch of gifts. Not to mention throw up and decorate a tree. It’s not like I don’t want to help. I can’t. I have no thumbs. Plus I really don’t want to. TBH
So remember, drop some good food on the floor or at least eat messily so there’s some good stuff for me to lick up. I don’t have a ton on my wish list, just the falling food I just mentioned and treats and some decent jaunts on the nature trail. Also up there, I prefer to be bathed a whole lot less. I find my natural scent intoxicating.
Just sit back and relax
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