Multiculturism vs Socialism

I once started asking people what the difference was between the term culture and the term social. What’s the defining point that separates these two concepts? No one was able to give me a satisfactory answer to that question. When they spoke of culture they mentioned art and literature and when they spoke of the social side of things they spoke of large institutions and government. That seemed to be the best they could do.

Looking at today’s political environment and what’s being called the culture war has finally given me the answer I was looking for. A culture is defined by the principles and values that are informally agreed to and so shared by a group of people. A society is defined by a set of laws they have determined should be forced upon everyone in the group by an authoritarian administration. This is an important distinction. Interactions between people in a culture are loose and fluid and negotiated situation by situation encouraging cultural diversity. Interactions in a society are rigid and dogmatic and carry penalties that eliminate diversity.

The most important thing I discovered in looking at these differences is that they are antithetical to each other. Social laws displace cultural diversity. The more laws you have the less diversity in culture you have since the whole purpose of a law is to force an artificial norm on everyone.

Which means saying you want to pass laws to support diversity is an oxymoron. It also means that only the right wants to conserve multiculturism. The left doesn’t want a diversity of cultures, they only want a rigid dogmatic society where individuality disappears in favor of dogmatic conformity.

I keep wondering, haven’t they learned anything from looking at the example of N. Korea? Don’t they realize that’s the path they are headed down? Don’t they realize that mob rule isn’t any better than a dictatorship? It’s still one group of people trying to dictate the actions of another group by using force. Don’t they realize this sets up an authoritarian government that then is ripe for being usurped by an oligarchy or a dictator?

I would challenge everyone on the left to ask themselves, what do you really want? Do you really want multiculturalism or do you simply want to play mini dictator and dictate the “norm” to anyone who disagrees with you?