The King is Dead — Long Live The King

I’ve been sitting here licking my wounds and wondering how to respond to the decision Trump has made about DACA. What happens now?

Bannon was right when he left the WH to declare that the presidency as we knew it was over. I think I knew it when Scaramucci was fired within a week of being hired and then Kelly was made chief of staff. Scaramucci would have been a huge win for our side. Kelly marked our defeat. Once the generals had control of the WH the president was effectively surrounded by his enemies with the deep state on one side, the Dem’s on another and the RINO’s flanking the rear. Some people are suggesting he’s being drugged. But what ever has happened our president isn’t there any more and Cernovich is right his recent DACA decision marks the end of his reign.

So what happens to the movement now? Is everything lost without Trump? It would seem that it is. Without a single populist left in the WH the Dem’s are going to take us right back into socialist hell. It looks like Europe’s fate will become the fate of the US as well.

Cernovich: The Dream Is Over
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