This is part of the belief system I have left behind:
Keri Smith

What happened with Milo was not about being “guaranteed an audience”. He didn’t need any guarantees, he already had a very large one and that is what the radical left objects to. They wanted to make sure his audience was not allowed to hear him speak. They didn’t just shut down Milo they shut down his audience as well. They want to shut down any and all dissenting voices that do not agree with them. So this is more than simply about Milo’s right to speak. It’s about everyone’s right to disagree and voice their disagreement. If you use violence to shut down one person’s right to speak then everyone’s right to speak is in jeopardy because tomorrow people will be rioting to make sure you can’t speak in retaliation. That’s how violence and force works.

In response to where does the violence come from, we are into playing a social game of blaming and shaming to try to justify force and violence. The moment you start justifying violence you are advocating violence and you end up doing and becoming what you advocate. Antifa likes to claim their violence is morally justified because there are a few people out there who are hateful and speak against them. But they are really just looking for an excuse to vent the hatred and violence that is raging inside of them. Violence is never justified. If it were many of us would have resorted to violent actions long ago. We don’t stop ourselves from committing violence because it’s against the law, we stop ourselves because we inherently do not want to harm others. Those who do violence do so because they feel they can morally justify it. Stop justifying violence and the majority of it will go away. Do we really believe it’s ok to punch someone in the face regardless of whether we believe them to be a nazi or not?

This is also not about fighting for anyone’s right to speak, not about whether a company should be forced to bake a cake, and not about whether black lives matter or aids is a problem. It’s about whether or not we want a large bureaucracy making those decisions for us. Because that’s what we already have and ending free speech is going to give that bureaucracy even more power to control our lives than they already do. It was that bureaucracy that decided that Gabrielle was not in charge of her own child. And it’s that bureaucracy that we all want to change. But instead we are fighting each other which simply allows them to stay in place and keep gaining power.

Without the freedom of the individual to govern themselves and the freedom to make their own decisions then we give our rights of freedom and independence away and grant the state the right to dictate what we can and cannot do, what we can and cannot say to each other. Does freedom come with risks and responsibilities? Does that mean that sometimes people will be cruel and we will sometime experience pain as a result? Yes it does. But the price of trying to force others to do what we want through larger and larger governments with more and more laws strips us of our powers to make decisions for ourselves and turns us into dependent children with no freedom at all. Gabrielle of all people should understand this.

The question is not do we want to address these issues as a society and find better solutions, because we all know that any sane person wants that. The question is do we want a society where our every action is controlled by the government so that they have not only the power to take our children away from us at a whim of some underpaid overworked authoritarian government official but also give them the power to dictate what we can say or even think? Is that really what we want?

The solution is not going to be found in blaming others for our problems and then trying to pass laws to penalize the person we feel is responsible. The solution is to talk to each other as equal human beings that all suffer pain and heartache and give our attention to solving the problems among ourselves without the need for intervention from a big brother government.

Will those solutions be perfect and will we be able to wipe out all pain and suffering? Will we be able to eliminate cruelty? No, of course not. We are flawed human beings. But the solutions also do not come from trying to force others into silence or obedience of our own personal preferences and prejudices to create some kind of “norm” that everyone “must” obey or else.

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