Susan, you are spot on.
Keri Smith

Yes, I just read a similar report Keri. I think it’s all going to depend on how the police decide to respond to antifa, whether or not they intend to stand down and let them do as they please the way they have in the past or treat them as a terrorist group as the FBI has declared them.

I just heard an interview where a representative of the college said “we respect people’s right to defend themselves” when speaking of the PROTESTORS. It disgusts me the way they keep implying that somehow the protestors are the ones who are threatened and therefore are justified in violence simply because they have labelled someone a nazi and the MSM supports this narrative so they can continue to demonize the right. They have also limited the audience to 1000 even though the hall will hold 2000 for “safety” reasons. Sounds to me like they want to make sure the right doesn’t outnumber the left.

I think all eyes will be on Berkley tonight to see how this goes. Are they once again going to find an excuse to shut down free speech? Is it another set-up or will they finally act appropriately?

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