• Reflect back on the teachers you considered in the first reflection task at the start of this week. Reconsider what it was about them that made you consider them to be so good. Would others that were taught by them have the same conclusions?

This week has brought additional contemplation and reflection in areas I thought to be well organized and understood in my head. . .it has been troubling to me to watch our youth today be shipped off to schools to be taught everything academic as well as everything that I (as a child) was taught at home. Interesting to me to read about pedagogues with what I would have considered to be parental responsibilities. So that brings me to the makings of a good teacher. While a good teacher can work in a classroom and still be good, it seems that the best are those who have an investment in the pupil, who care for and care about the pupil, as a parent or pedagogue would come to care for a pupil after many years. . .while many qualities contribute to the making of a good teacher, such as the ability to listen, understand, communicate, encourage, reflect, analyze his/her own methods seeking constant improvement, et al, it seems to me that I would expect the best learning to occur when there is a caring nature between the teacher and the pupil. . .when the teacher first cares about her pupil, she will then strive to improve her own learning and skills so as to improve the learning of her students. . .so for this writing, I considered Aristotle as a good teacher. I would be compelled to believe the majority of others would have the same conclusion as I.

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