Seventy-Five Becomes Her

In my family, for special occasions, sometimes one or more of us will write a little rhyming verse for the honoree. I wrote this for my step-mom on her 75th a few years ago.

Who knew, back in 1933,
What wond’rous being Miss Jean would be?

She arrived here wise and smart and luscious.
She had an affinity for painting brushes.

Miss Jean grew and grew and grew — 
The word “statuesque” was invented thereto.

With talents, both sewing and needle-pointed,
Jean was graced and divinely-anointed.

Upon the grand, Jean was s’posed to accomp’ny
Her mother’s strings, but Mom made her jumpy.

There were prep school and college and then a marriage,
And then the inevitable baby carriage.

To have her as Mom, Jean’s children were blessed.
In tailor-made clothes, Jean’s children were dressed.

And then they were grown and then they were gone.
Jean painted and ‘pointed and carried on.

One day, with that educational marriage behind her,
She found a new man, who was trying to find her.

They gave strength to each other and decided to wed.
They became one another’s butter-and-bread.

Now all the grandkids their praises have sung;
And they share their love with family far-flung.

She has handled her losses with the greatest aplomb,
And now Miss Jean is our very own “Grande Dame”.

And 20 years hence, I’m so grateful to know
This lovely step-mother who makes my dad glow.

No danger this gracious lady would let it go to her head:
Miss Jean is a wond’rous being. ‘Nuff said.