California’s Phil Ting Hopes to ‘Save The World’ With This New Ban

Fresh off of regulating cow flatulence, the banning of pesky plastic straws and renaming the First Lady the First Partner, California’s Phil Ting has found something just as pressing to address.

Forget about illegal immigrants coming through the border, MS-13 killing innocent people and stopping ICE from doing their job in a sanctuary state, California is tackling an even greater issue.

What could be so important you ask?

The banning of paper receipts, of course.

That’s right, even though NO ONE cares about the issue, Democratic California state assemblyman Phil Ting from San Francisco, who brought the state its straw ban, now wants to introduce a bill that will rid the state of paper hazards.

Under Assembly Bill 161, if a customer fails to ask for a paper receipt then businesses would be required to send an electronic receipt instead.

But can’t paper be recycled. Not according to Ting.

Ting said:

“Most people assume that all these receipts can be recyclable. Guess what? They can’t.”

You can take that to the bank, right?

Like all elitists who know best for you, he’s an expert that doesn’t need facts.

Ting continued:

“It’s common-sense legislation. We think it’s a minimal cost, and it’s really putting the power back in the consumers by saying, ‘Hey, if you want the paper, yeah, you can ask for it, but why force you to take the paper?’”

Really? “Why force you to take the paper?” Isn’t that what we all think. Yeah, me neither.

Businesses that don’t comply with the law would receive two warnings. After that, they will be fined $25 for each subsequent violation up to $300 per year.

I wonder if the paper police will have a means to confiscate the illegal paper receipts right on the spot?

What’s next for California?

Perhaps, as Country duo Big and Rich sang, “Save a horse, ride a cowboy?”