DOJ Indicts Former Air Force Officer and Defense Contractor with Spying for Iran

Are we at risk of losing Defense Department contractors to foreign governments so that they can spy on America?

It appears so and here’s why.

On Wednesday, the Department of Justice formally charged a former Air Force Intelligence Specialist turned Defense contractor with spying on behalf of Iran.

Monica Witt, who served in the Air Force until 2008 and then defected to Iran in 2013 was reportedly recruited away by Iran at various conferences.

The FBI was aware of what was occurring between Iran and Witt and in May 2012, the FBI under former President Obama, warned Witt that Iranian intelligence services were trying to recruit her.

Seems odd that she was warned and not surveilled.

However, Witt assured the agents, according to the indictment, that if she ever returned to Iran she would decline to provide any information connected to her work in the U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations.

It was only months later reportedly, that Witt met with members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, informing them that she wanted to emigrate to Iran.

The Iranian government allegedly gave her housing and computer equipment so that she could spy on behalf of Iran.

The indictment claims that Witt disclosed information about U.S. intelligence officers and aided in Iran’s cyber-spying operations against them.

No doubt armed with the knowledge of a defector to Iran who could harm the United States with the secrets she possessed, Obama rewarded Iran instead with a Nuclear Agreement years later which netted the country $1.7 billion in cash.

Why didn’t the Obama administration at least demand Witt’s return in exchange for an agreement with them?

I guess building a legacy was more important than the threat to national security.