Is Sen. Kamala Harris Trying to Appear ‘Dope’ Like AOC? OMG!

The current trend of the liberal Left millennials and those old enough to vote from Generation Z is to accentuate the “youthfulness” of their leaders in Congress rather than focus on their experience.

The Left has been giddy from the start over newbie Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). They’ve even tolerated her many mistakes.

CNN describes AOC in part, as being:

“…. a talented, charismatic young politician who has struck the political world with a force and impact rarely seen among even those who have been at it for a much longer time. … she makes beginner’s mistakes.”

But what do you do if you’re a Leftist, not a member of Generation Z or a millennial but want to prove to younger voters just how viable you are as a presidential candidate?

Well, you go shopping with the liberal mainstream media of course.

Over the weekend, Harris was seen shopping in South Carolina while taking a break from townhall meetings.

Several CNN reporters who were there to cover her outing, instead encouraged her to try on new outfits.

One millennial CNN reporter, said:

“We kind of forced @kamalaharris to try on this awesome oversized rainbow sequin jacket … She snapped it up.”
She boasted that another CNN reporter “perfectly named it as “the Mardi Gras Jacket” #2020”

Buckle up!

I have a feeling it’s going to be a long Presidential campaign with many trips by liberal candidates and their mainstream media reporters to what Generation Zs would call, “lit” boutiques.