Liberal Democrat Billionaire Reveals ‘Brilliant’ Idea to Protest Trump’s Transgender Decision

Leave it to a progressive democrat billionaire to come up with a bizarre way to protest President Donald Trump’s decision to allow the states to make their own decisions about transgender bathrooms.

Chicago billionaire J.B. Pritzker took to Twitter to announce his “brilliant” idea.

Pritzker tweeted:

“As a protest against Trump’s rescinding protections for trans kids, everyone should use the other gender’s bathroom today.”

An hour earlier, Pritzker tweeted another tweet regarding his dismay at Trump.

“Disgraceful Trump removes federal protections for transgender students. To trans kids everywhere: we have your back!”

Not surprisingly, some on the left continue to ignore the fact that there is “NO” federal law in place which upholds transgender bathroom policies.

A federal court ordered a nationwide injunction in August 2016 against Obama’s policy which claimed that transgender bathroom issues fell under Title IX and Title VII of the U.S. Constitution.

There was never a transgender bathroom policy in place.

Therefore, President Donald Trump can’t remove federal protections for transgender students as Pritzker claims, when those protections never existed in the eyes law.

Besides intentionally or unintentionally spreading false information about Trump’s actions, Pritzker, who is an heir to the Hyatt hotel chain and often referred to as the “other mayor of Chicago,” spent an estimated $16.7 million to try and get Hillary Clinton elected president.

Later when those in social media pointed out how his idea to switch bathrooms was a very bad idea and one that could get people hurt, Pritzker walked back his statement and tweeted, “Was not being literal. But I think today and every day we should be standing up for all our kids.”

How can telling people to use the other gender’s bathroom not be literal? Only a liberal left-wing progressive could think otherwise and try to convince you of the same.

After reading Pritzker’s tweets, the Holiday Inn or other hotel is looking like a much better selection than Hyatt.