Obama Foundation Donations Pour In While DNC Donations Plummet

Barack Obama is raking in millions hand over fist while the Democratic National Committee’s donations are at an all time low.

The DNC raised a modest $4.29 million in May which is the lowest total since 2003. In April, donations totaled $4.7 and $6.5 in March.

The Republican National Committee fared better, raising $10.9 million in May while seeing a steady increase in fundraising during off-year elections.

Obama may surpass the DNC’s and the RNC fundraising efforts unless they kick it into high gear.

Obama has been seeking donations through the Obama Foundation since January for his future presidential library.

According to the Foundation’s website, at least eight donors have donated $1 million or more toward the pricey $500 million structure which is scheduled to be completed by 2021.

At the rate the donations are coming in that date could be moved up.

Not surprisingly, Obama already has affluent elitists lined up to donate.

A list of the wealthier financiers of the Obama library are as follows:

Ann & John Doerr
 Exelon Corporation *
 Hutchins Family Foundation *
 Microsoft Corporation *
 New York Community Trust *
 Cari & Michael J. Sacks
 Beth and David Shaw *
 Michelle Yee & Reid Hoffman *

Exelon Corporation has been a huge supporter of Obama since he began his political career as state senator in Illinois. The company’s senior executive vice president and chief strategy officer, William A. Von Hoene, Jr. and Obama have known each other for a long time.

Apparently, while Obama was still president, there were self-imposed constraints placed upon fundraising efforts for the library, but they are no longer applicable.

It appears the “sky’s the limit.”

The library will be located near Chicago’s African-American Woodlawn neighborhood and seeks to revitalize the Jackson Park neighborhood by the hundreds of thousands of visitors it expects to receive. It is also Obama’s plan to create new jobs through the library.

That would be a welcome change from his lackluster effort of creating jobs while he was president!

In any event, the elaborate building will no doubt serve as a ‘shrine’ to the Democrats’ favorite community organizer and fundraiser.